2022 Gift Guide for the Discreet Stoner

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: The Discreet Smoker

It’s that time of year to start buying gifts for your family, your friends, that asshole at work who you picked as your Secret Santa. We're not talking another kitchen gadget bound to reappear at next years holiday party or another cookbook for your mom. Nope. We're here and we are ready to give you our unsolicited advice on what you should gift other people. Plus, searching for a gift is hella stressful so why not let us bear some of the load and help avert a holiday meltdown?

We all know someone who smokes ____, whether it's in their Instagram bio or not. From Nana and Pop Pop, to your cousins in college who just learned how to roll a jay, we have bags to keep their status under-the-radar. We’re here to guide you through some of our favorite products so that you can be the ultimate gift giver for your loved ones. Or, yourself because you are your own loved one. 

The Boss with Lock

This is the perfect on-the-go stash bag. It's compact, 100% smell proof, and ready to protect your low key status. The Boss comes in three discreet colors: Black, Green, and Camo. It also features a three number combination lock which will ensure that nobody can get what's inside of your bag. Hint hint: this is a great gift for the keepers of small humans that also appreciate cannabis! It's virtually child-proof (unless your child is Edward Scissorhands) so we're just tossing out holiday wins over here. 

This baby comes in 4 different sizes - 5 in, 7 in, 8 in and 10 in. because we don't discriminate in how you partake. If you're balling on a budget this year, check out the Boss With Lock's fraternal twin, The Boss. This bag is almost identical minus the lock. Maybe a better gift for your grandparents. They can barely remember your name so a lock combo may be a stretch. Love you, Nana. 

The Brigata 

Gotta clumsy person in your life? A regular ol' butterfingers? Someone who has a collection of expensive extravagant vases? We bet the like to hike with their "vases" too. You may actually be a life saver with this one. The Brigata is a padded duffle bag that is fully smell proof. The exterior is water resistant and the interior is HEAVILY padded so it's pretty much the best thing for anyone is a little prone to eating the pavement. This bag comes in three discreet colors: Black, Green, and Camo. With three different sizes, think of this as more of an insurance policy. It gets better. This bag also features a 3-digit combination lock so you won't have to worry about curiosity and cats. 

Transporter Backpack

This may be the foundation that any discreet smoker should build their life upon. The Transporter is our carbon lined backpack (re: fully smell-proof) and has all of the Classic Dime Bags Backpack features you expect, like external pockets and seriously comfy straps. Outfitted with double zippers lockable zippers on the main compartment, it's perfect for moving here, there and everywhere.  

Parents: quit ignoring what your kid is doing in college and the fact that they came home in a space helmet and ate four ice cream cones. Don't have their future stolen by some pesky RA with a keen sense of smell. 

Mini Molly

It may be mini, but size doesn't matter right? RIGHT!? Anyways, this smell proof mini backpack still has plenty of room to store your daily needs despite it's petite nature. Do you know someone who is always digging for something in big bag black hole? Boom. No more waiting 15 minutes while they hunt for a lighter. Need more than a wallet but less than a whole ass backpack as you dance the night away? The Mini Molly is also a great option for festival go-er's (see what we did there). Really, this bag just doesn't disappoint. It's not like your ex. 

If you made it this far, congrats! We applaud you for actually reading blogs and not just finding gift ideas on TikTok. Stay tuned for more 2022 gift guides from us! 



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