Oh hey no big deal or anything but we landed a role on Euphoria (Season 2, Episode 3 to be exact). Yep, THAT EUPHORIA which means we're pretty much best friends with Zendaya and Hunter Schaffer. This got us thinking: what would be the Dime Bag of choice for some of the characters on Euphoria? 

Rue + The Transporter


Photo via HBO MAX

This may seem like an obvious choice for Rue considering that she is always on the move with something or other. Smell proof and complete with a custom keyed lock? This one's for you, Rue. 

Jules + The Party Pack

Photo via HBO Max

If there was ever an embodiment of a bag, Jules would be a disco pink Party Pack. We mean, what goes better with glitter eye liner and peak 90's fashion than an iridescent pink fanny pack? Exactly. 

Fezco + The Convoy

Photo via HBO Max

Fez is constantly holding it down for Rue and everyone around him. What better bag to have by his side than The Convoy? Our version of a weekender bag, this low-key duffle bag comes complete with lock, key, and carbon filtration: just what our boy Fez needs more than anything. 

Cassie + The Urban Tote

Photo via HBO Max

(Note: this is the second time we've starred alongside Sydney Sweeney in a show. #humblebrag)

Oh, Cassie. You can carry everything in the Urban Tote—including your emotional baggage and daddy issues—and look good while doing it. Perfect for riding carousels or strolling down high school hallways, sling it over your shoulder or wear it as a crossbody. It's ready to get into anything, kinda like you. 

Maddy x The Mini Molly

 Photo via HBO Max

Ms. Maddy. Where do we even begin? Her two-piece outfit game is OUT OF THIS WORLD and she deserves a bag that compliments her style and give-no-shits attitude. With its mini but mighty af design, The Mini Molly isn't going anywhere when Maddy goes gunning for a certain person whose name rhymes with 'Lassie'. 


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February 08, 2022 — Amber Sparks

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