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Are you feeling lucky this year? You could score big with our St. Patrick's Day giveaway. 

From March 14 to March 18, we'll be surprising people with FREE orders. Yep, 100% totally free orders. "Entering" is simple:

Yep, it's that easy. 

The deets:

We'll be selecting random orders all week long in honor of St. Patrick's Day (and the fact that we just like doing fun stuff). If you order is selected, you'll find golden coins all up in there and a sweet refund in your bank account.

Maybe you're like, "But Frank, what is St. Patrick's Day all about anyways?" Guess what!?  We have a blog for that. 



March 10, 2022 — Amber Sparks


Suzanne Thompson said:

I rec’d a dime bag for Chanukah. I love it. I always wanted one. Thank you.

Julie Tisi said:

I am new to dime bag and I am already completely obsessed I have ordered another wallet one of the new pods three bags and an additional backpack and of course I had to buy all new patches to match all of my new stuff this is the coolest company the products are made wonderfully and I am going to be a lifelong customer and if you’re reading this and have any doubt of trying any of their products have no fear you will be impressed and will love and become probably just as obsessed of having all the stuff that they have to offer just like I did

Derrick Hooker said:

Dimes bags are the best in the world

Rachelle Nelson-Howard said:

Luck of Irish

Rachelle Nelson-Howard said:

Luck of the ☘️

Robb said:

Noice, of course i made my purchase last week. Lullz. Oh well, good luck to everyone! Chuurs ma peeps.

Joey Robbins said:

Been a DIMEBAGS customer for years! Will continue to be for the rest of my life. SO, yeah…. BEST BAGS on the market period; their customer service staff are great as well. Best Wishes from South Carolina💯

Rye said:

This is such a cool idea!
I carry dime bags daily as an autistic and medicated individual, and am slowly adding to my collection! you guys are so cool!

Bonkerz huntsdemons said:

Love the brand man. Such good quality man.

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