Dime Bags Collab with Satsang

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Satsang, a soulful band creating music that everyone can resonate with. We’ve teamed up to not only create some dope bags but also give away a trip to Denver to see Satsang live in concert! Our winner was recently announced on social! 🎸

Our Dime Bags X Satsang collection stays true to our style while adding a bit of gritty, western flare with the satin interior lining. This limited-edition collection consists of 2 bags: a classic hempster backpack in black, and a grey fanny pack that both include iconic Satsang patches. There’s only 210 of each bag created, so don’t wait, because you will never have another chance to own one of these limited Dime Bags! ✌

Dime Bags Collection


Dime Bags Backpack, Dime Bags Fanny Pack

About Satsang

Being from Montana, Satsang is inspired by the beauty of the state’s wide-open fields and soaring mountains. We wanted this collaboration to reflect the organic, natural feeling that you get when listening to Satsang, so we chose neutral colors that anyone can enjoy. 🏔

The interior lining is what makes these bags special, adorned with Satsang’s bullhead skull design, this collection gives off rustic vibes and allows fans to represent their favorite band in style. If you purchase the Complete Set, you will receive a Satsang Backpack, Fanny Pack, AND a signed Satsang album: The Story of You. 😎

Satsang Band Design

Satsang’s Music

You can’t just put one label on Satsang’s genre, nor would you want to. Their music is a unique blend of reggae, folk-rock, and soul. The meaning of Satsang is “a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering”, and the music reflects that. Lead singer and songwriter, Drew McManus, presents lyrics that are rooted in spirituality, growth, and imperfection. There’s something for everyone to relate to in Satsang’s beautiful lyrics.

Satsang Band

Connecting Dime Bags and Satsang

With many values in common, it felt natural for us to collaborate with Satsang and create a collection to bring all kinds of people together. 

“We’re super excited about this 420 Giveaway with Dime Bags,” stated lead singer of Satsang, Drew McManus. “Providing a one-of-a-kind experience for two fans out there, after concert venues begin opening back up, is the positivity we want to see in the world right now. We’re also thrilled to have sustainably made collab Dime Bags to offer our fans, as we believe their brand and our fans have very similar values when it comes to being friends to the earth.”
-Drew McManus

“After live music venues shut down last year we wanted to give our fans something to truly celebrate this year,” Timothy Felkner, our President & CEO stated. “We are excited to have teamed up with a band we love and give our fans an experience they’ll never forget!”

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one of these rad, eco-conscious bags, blast some Satsang, get inspired and have a great day. 🎧


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April 22, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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