Here at Dime Bags, we’re all about self expression and showing your unique personal style! No matter what kind of stuff you’re into, from cute and colorful, to alternative or 70's hippie, we have options for all kinds of people! Not to mention, we continue to come out with cool new collaborations and artist designs so that you can have an even bigger selection to choose from.

Every single Dime Bag comes with a removable patch logo which allows you to have some fun and express yourself! So, what are you waiting for? Go customize your Dime Bags with our pins and patches

Dime Bags Accessories for Your StyleAccessories Every Stoner Will Love 

If you’re a lover of that special flower, you know we have the accessories for you! Our mascot, Frank, is a big fan of the cannabis industry, and we think you may be too. Check out Frank’s Choice to find a collection of patches that conveys this interest with leafy designs and stoner lingo. 🍃

This community tends to get a hard time from other people and, unfortunately, the plant we all love isn’t quite completely legal yet. Stand up for the cause with our “Legalize It” Patch or express your rights with the “Come Back with A Warrant” Patch. If you’re looking to take your Dime Bag to the next level, add a few of our Hat Pins! Don't worry, they’re not just for hats. We think you might like the “Kold Cloud” Pin or our OG “Dime Bags” Pin

Be proud of being a part of this community and show off your dope style with our stoner-centric patches and pins! 

Rasta print leaf patch and stoner pinFem Accessories for the Designer Cutie  

Fun fact: some of our most popular patches these days have been our more colorful and feminine options! I mean, who doesn’t love a cute accessory for their favorite bag? From rainbow hearts, to fun flower designs, we have adorable patch and pin options to show off your colorful style and feminine side! If this is your style, you might also love some of our mini backpacks in pastel colors like pink and purple. 🌸

Why stop at patches? We have some SUPER cute pins in our Ellie Paisley collab collection! Ellie is a technicolor artist who is well known for her use of vibrant colors and feminine empowerment. Needless to say, her artwork is rad and would be a great addition to your favorite Dime Bag! 

Cute Yellow Mini Backpack and colorful accessoriesHippie Flair Accessories  

Elevate your vibes with some of our most free spirited patch designs. If you’re feeling like you need a mood boost or a positive reminder, slap the “Good Vibes” or “Buddha” Patch on your bag and be ready to take on the day with a good attitude. Find your inner balance with our “Yin Yang” or put on “Om” when you're heading to the yoga studio (by the way, the Conversion Tube is perfect for carrying your yoga mat, just check it out on this TikTok). 🧘‍♀️

Our Vibes patch collection has everything you need to chill out and find your inner peace while representing your unique personal style! So, put on your flower crown and Flower Child Patch and have a groovy day. ✌

Pink Purse and Flower PatchDope Alternative Style Accessories

Alternative aesthetics and punk rock enthusiasts alike can customize their Dime Bags to be as grunge as they’d like with our patches and pins. If you think about it, a patch is like a bumper sticker for your bag, and can be used to express your style and personality! 

Don’t give a flying F about anything? Get our Middle Finger patch or pin! Do you go thrifting and take pictures at your local record shop? If that’s your thing, you’d probably like our Turntable Patch. Just a music fan in general? The Dime Bags Roar Music Pin is a great accessory for you. 🎧

Our Eclectic patch collection has everything you need to show off that dope style of yours. From trippy designs like the Cube patch, to skulls and shrooms, you can make sure your Dime Bag is as cool as you are. 😎

Water resistant mini backpack alternative styleAccessories For The Art Lover

We are huge fans of art around here, we LOVE collaborating with artists and can’t wait to bring some dope new designs to Dime Bags. If you’re anything like us, you might like some of our iconic collab patches and pins. Featuring dope artists like Ellie Paisley and Sirron Norris, you can add a unique touch to your favorite bags. San Francisco artist, Sirron Norris, brought us creative cartoons and neon colors that will up your bag game! 

Our most recent collaboration with the technicolor, Colorado based, artist Ellie Paisley was a jaw dropping collection of vibrant colors and feminine sparkle. There are rainbow bees, trippy pineapples, fanged flowers, and groovy hearts that’ll make your bags DRIP with cute details. 🌈

Colorful Accessories for Stylish BagsMUNCHIES ROUND - Accessories for Food Lovers

For all the foodies out there, don’t fret, we have deliciously cute patches for you. Go bananas and decorate your Dime Bags with your favorite munchies. From sweet treats to cheesy pizza, there are plenty of food patches for you to use to spice up your bags. What’s your favorite food? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll make it into a patch. 😉

If you don’t already have personalized patches and pins, what are you waiting for? Your Dime Bag deserves to look as fly as you do. No matter what your vibe is, I bet we have some accessories you can enjoy. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments, and what kind of designs you would like to see next! 👀

August 17, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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