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A fresh take on a Dime Bags original, the Urban Backpack packs all of the killer features you expect with a bold twist. I’m basically the better looking version of the Backpack…because I’m an Urban Backpack. I am available in 3 brand new colors – Glass, Concrete and Timber. What makes me different? Well, no boring solid colors here! My hempster is woven with a mixture of colors making me pop.

Glass: midnight, blue, gray, black, and tan mixture

Concrete: black, brown, gray, and tan mixture

Timber: green, yellow, black, gray, and tan mixture

Aqua: turquoise, green, copper mixture

Earth: brown, bronze, black mixture

Sand: tan, gray, gold mixture

Sky: blue, gray, gold mixture

I have 4 external compartments, 2 internal pockets, and 2 micro-mesh water bottle holders. In addition to all my compartments, I also have 2 adjustable side straps and 2 adjustable bottom straps to secure whatever else you may need to carry.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions19 x 13 x 3in

Glass, Concrete, Timber, Aqua, Earth, Sand, Sky, Stone, Graphite

Other features
  • Durable Hempster Exterior
  • Contoured Shoulder Straps
  • Four Large Compartments for Storage
  • 2 Water Bottle Holders
  • Secret Pocket
  • Smell/Spill Proof Clear Poly Bag
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • Interchangeable Velcro Label

19 reviews for Urban Backpack

  1. Debra (verified owner)

    Love the dime bag products. I have never been disappointed. They are the softest and lightest back packs I have ever had and the unique colors and weaving make it extra special. It feels like I am wearing a piece of clothing instead of a bag. Can’t wait to buy my next piece!

  2. G.K. (verified owner)

    Probably the most comfortable backpack I ever owned!
    Feels like it was made to last..
    A very special design…
    High quality stuff.

  3. DOPY_DEATH (verified owner)

    its the perfect backpack.

  4. James Bustos

    I loved this bag. Everything I need in a bag

  5. jerseyshann (verified owner)

    Let me tell ya, this company is fantastic and this backpack I just received today is outstanding!! I loved the bag so much within 20 minutes of opening the box and setting up the backpack. I went online and ordered the 10″ padded pack to put in my backpack and a bunch of patches to add to the bags!! I can’t wait to find out what’s new with dimebags, so I can buy some more products! Great job Dimebags you have some very well made, funtional and good looking products!!

  6. Dan (verified owner)

    This bag is hands down the best backpack I’ve ever had. Its perfect size for any occasion, with plenty of space for all your necessities that you’ll need.

  7. Marie

    Got my son this backpack for school (he’s a junior) this was the first time he’s had a bag last him the entire year! Bag is still in great shape! I plan on buying another for next year!

  8. A History Buff – Amazon Buyer

    Pockets everywhere!!!! And then there’s some you don’t see. Great bag..well constructed

  9. beverly.arzola (verified owner)

    Exceptional backpack! Gifted this to my boyfriend and he loves everything about it! From the “hidden” compartments to the size, down to the unique color that adds even more style to the bag. Thanks to Dime Bags for creating such a wonderful backpack.

  10. Debbie Fielder – Amazon Buyer

    My daughter loved it!

  11. Chase R. – Amazon Buyer

    Was great but more expensive on Amazon than on site. The secret pocket is well hidden from anyone who doesn’t know there is a hidden pocket. The straps were also smaller than I prefer and the bag was smaller than it looks. The velcro patches are nice and the airtight bag inside is pretty well sealed. I recommend this for anyone who needs a smell proof bag, it beats all the rest by far.

    • DimeBags (verified owner)

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your Urban Backpack! I do want to inform you, although every Hempster Dime Bag includes the Smell/Spill Proof Clear Poly Bag, the Urban Backpack is NOT smell proof.

      The Omerta by Dime Bags line IS smell proof however! All Omertas also includes the build in lock, set of keys and of course are Smell Proof!

      L O V E ,

      Dime Bags

  12. marciewoo – Amazon Buyer

    I had to get a new backpack that was lighter for my knee after surgery. I am a full time student. While it is not the biggest backpack, it is working well for me. I have DimeBags for everything now.

  13. carljackson2019 (verified owner)

    Worth evry dime

  14. carljackson2019 (verified owner)

    Best ever hands down

  15. carljackson2019 (verified owner)

    This backpack can stand the winds of 5 tornados 6 lion attacks and 1 swim around the world and back

  16. carljackson2019 (verified owner)

    I went to dimebags.com.Got a the timber urban backpack . this backpack has survived 3 zombie attacks in the woods 4 raccoon encounters and 1 uninspected swim across the gulf to africa and even they said ” man thats a dimegood bag .. And then the dimegoodbag was introduced the one and ony inside out bag just an idea

  17. Lacey Burnett – Amazon Buyer

    They are great

  18. George M. – Amazon Buyer

    My wife already has a Dime Bags backpack and a small cross-body purse. She wears the backpack mostly to local weekend arts & craft festivals along with the cross-body purse to carry her cell phone. She enjoys the chance encounters with other attendees who are also experiencing the “Dime Life”.

    When the time came that I decided I also needed a backpack, my first thought was to search Dime Bags on Amazon. I didn’t expect to find anything there because my wife had to buy both her bags at brick/mortar retail stores several years ago. Much to my surprise, Amazon now has a Dime Bags store and they had a backpack staring right back at me (pun intended). 🙂

    I ordered a blue backpack which arrived promptly. As the product description states, the bag has a durable construction feel with heavy duty zippers. The fabric itself is a mixture of hemp and recycled polyester (Hempster) which is supposedly more suitable for wear and comfort than just 100% hemp. I don’t know the chemistry behind all this but the texture, feel and color of the combined material is excellent. There are plenty of interior and exterior pockets, compartments, bottle holders, etc. and even a “smell-proof, spill-proof pouch”.

    I especially appreciate the comfortable fitting of the contoured shoulder straps. The overall backpack construction appears very rugged. If it wears as well as my wife’s two bags I will be a very happy camper. I will update my review after thoroughly exposing the bag to real world usage. For now, a definite 5 star backpack choice.

  19. Brittney (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this backpack. Its very well made and feels durable. Its so beautiful pictures don’t do it justice. I use it everyday since i bought it.

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