Best Dime Bags for Traveling

Best Dime Bags for Traveling

Wherever you travel this summer you can guarantee to be carefree thanks to your Dime Bag! From convenient mini backpacks, to smell proof and lockable Omerta bags, we have what you need for your journey. Explore anywhere while keeping your belongings safe with a Dime Bag by your side. ✈

We’ve highlighted some of our dopest bags to travel with, but you can also shop the collection of all of our best travel bags here! Don’t forget to customize your Dime Bags with some of our patches to add some of your dope personal style. 😎

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The Club Kid - A Mini Backpack with Organized Storage

Compact, light, and well organized - the Club Kid is the perfect mini backpack for organizing your necessities in style. This is the bag you take with you while walking the streets of Rome, or going to Disneyland because it’s not too big, but it gets the job done! Cause who wants to take a HUGE bag around when they’re buying souvenirs and exploring new places? 

Don’t be fooled by it’s mini appearance, The Club Kid has plenty of storage. The exterior pocket is perfect for holding your go-to’s like ID, cards, and transit passes. Inside the bag you’ll find the perfect amount of space for your important items like your phone, passport, and cash (and a secret pocket for your special stuff). It’s super practical, hella cute, and the perfect solution if you aren’t a fan of handbags or purses. You can’t go wrong with the Club Kid. 😉

Dime Bags Mini Backpack


The Transporter - A Smell Proof and Lockable Backpack

No matter where or how you’re traveling this summer, the Transporter is ALWAYS a good idea. This smell proof backpack is discreet and secure with a zipper lock and water resistant color options to keep your belongings safe. Dare we say it’s the perfect backpack for backpacking through Europe? You can trust The Transporter to hold everything you need and allow you to explore handsfree and in style. 

This ultimate Dime Bags backpack is great for keeping all your goods safe- laptops, passports, dank flower 🍃 - you name it and The Transporter will secure it! Before you hop on your next plane or train, you need to invest in The Transporter to protect your travels.

Dime Bags Smell Proof Backpack

The Convoy - A Smell Proof and Lockable Travel Tote

Do you need something bigger to travel with this summer? Look no further than The Convoy! This smell proof and lockable tote gives you plenty of room to transport about 5 lbs of anything.  With 5 total compartments, you can make sure all your goods are safe and organized while you travel. You can carry the Convoy as a tote with the handles, or snap the padded shoulder strap on and carry it comfortably on your side. 

The Convoy is a great alternative to traditional luggage, but if you’re looking for something bigger, check out our Omerta Associate or Cleaner - these bad boys are also both smell proof and lockable! The Convoy is built for carrying your stuff discreetly and comes in Black, as well as 2 freshly available colors, Camo and Green!  But with the Convoy, nobody will even know there’s a lock because it comes with a velcro at the top of the bag to keep prying eyes away. Personalize your smell proof tote with our customizable patches to add your own style to this dope bag! 🔐

Dime Bags Lockable Tote Bag

The Pod - A Padded Travel Case 

Traveling can be messy; thing’s get misplaced around your suitcases, valuables get broken or lost. Well, not anymore! The Pod is a padded travel case that comes in three different sizes - 5”, 6”, and 7”- and a variety of both Hempster and water resistant color options. Pack up anything your heart desires in these super convenient and organized cases. The 6 inch and 7 inch Pods both have 2 compartments with elastic netting and different pockets for your items as well as a smell proof baggie. 

The Pods would make for great travel makeup bags, or cases to hold your vape pens, chargers, and any other small items you’d easily lose. With light padding, you can store your ish inside your case and go about your day, care-free. For extra convenience when traveling you can clip the Pod onto the outside of another bag and quickly access your goods on-the-go. 🏃‍♂️

Dime Bags Traveling Case

The Outfit - A Smell Proof and Lockable Fanny Pack 

Traveling can be sketchy sometimes, you never know who might try to pick-pocket you and get their sticky fingers on your valuables. We have a variety of locking bags that will deter thieves, but the Omerta Outfit is the best option if you want to be walking around handsfree. This smell proof fanny pack will keep your valuables close to your body and is equipped with a three-digit locking code to keep strangers out of your business. 😎

You won't have to worry about looking like a typical tourist in this fanny pack because we’ve designed it to be both discrete and stylish. It comes in 3 water resistant colors - Black, Green, and Camo - and can be worn as a traditional waist bag or across your chest. Either way, you’re going to look cool and have easy access to whatever you need inside. 

Dime Bags Lockable Fanny Pack

Whether you’re new to traveling, or just looking to revamp your current bag situation, make sure to check out all of our best travel bag options. We know traveling can be stressful, but we’ve done the hard work to make sure you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind! 

Where are you traveling this summer, or what’s on your bucket list? We’d love to know! Comment below and let us know where your next adventure awaits and which Dime Bag you’re taking with you! 🌎

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