We strive for perfection here at Dime Bags. From shape to size to color and technology, everything is designed with you in mind. Our Omerta bags have become increasingly popular, thanks to their 100% smell-proof capabilities. With a refreshable carbon liner filter and some heavy duty zippers, The Omerta bags offer you a little bit extra power – but you still get the same bang for your buck. With that being said, we’re happy to announce that we’ve got two new arrivals in our Omerta family: The Capo and The Collector.

About Omerta Bags

A quick summary about our Omerta bags: their name actually has a cool meaning. “Omerta” is defined as a code of silence, which originated as a code of conduct and loyalty coined by the Mafia in the 1500s. Thanks to the smell-proof technology packed in each Omerta product, there’s nothing loud about this bag at all.

Dime Bags Omerta Smell Proof Capo

The Capo

Think of Capos like the captains of the Mafia. Still in charge but just under the Boss, The Capo watches out for his family – and our Capo will look out for you. Kinda looks like an envelope, right? Like a letter in the mail, The Capo is always on-the-go. Like the rest of our Omerta line, The Capo maintains a neat, simple, and secure style. It’s got a sleek low profile design with black fabric and a removable Velcro label – no need to worry about carrying this thing around all day during your adventures. It also comes with more protection than the Mafia, with a dual Velcro enclosure and two zippers to match, creating a strong, airtight, smell-proof seal. The Capo comes in two sizes – 6” and 7”. Just slide it into your jacket or keep it in one of our Backpacks for hands-free carrying.

Dime Bags Smell Proof Omerta Collector

The Collector

Debt collectors aren’t afraid to put up a fight, but they’ll stay discrete enough to never get caught. Our Collector’s got the same idea, with its heavy-duty smell-proof capabilities. It’s like The Capo, only bigger (and debatably badder – but in a good way). The Collector is available in 9” or 12”, but it’s still just as discrete with a simple black fabric, removable Velcro label, and, of course, smell-proof technology. The Collector comes with a cool bonus feature – a secondary Velcro strip allows you to roll up the bag for an easy compact fit. Even if you’re carrying around just a small bowl, you can be confident it’s securely fastened and not bouncing around in a bag too big. Going out for the night and have lots to carry? The Collector can not only keep your herb safe and sound, but there’s also plenty of room left over for your wallet, grinder, phone, and lighter.

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October 10, 2018 — DimeBags

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