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01/19/2021 UPDATE

Looking for the details and rules for this year’s Sticker of the Month contest? We’ve got them all right here. Learn more about the most collectible, exclusive bag in Dime Bags history.

What: Win an exclusive Classic Backpack with the Sticker of the Month satin interior. There are only 10 of these in existence! The retail price of this bag is $10,000!

Sticker of the Month Backpack Prize

Where: Must post on Instagram profile and use @DimeBags #DimeBagsSlaps.

When: Contest dates for entry is January 8-24, 2021. Winners will be announced on Monday, January 25.

How: Show all 12 stickers IRL from 2020 in an Instagram post and use @DimeBags and #DimeBagsSlaps.

Who: Any Dime Bags fan can post a real-life picture to win. Posting multiple times from the same account will not gain more entries. You MUST post on your profile--story posts do not count for entry. You must be following Dime Bags on Instagram.

The other nine of these bags will be listed for sale on DimeBags.com early this year, but as there are only 9 more in existence after we give one away, they will be listed at $10,000! Other limited-run items have been made in the quantity of 420-when we previously partnered with Grassroots and Sirron Norris. But this time, we only made 10 to ever see the light of day!

Don’t worry though, we still reward you even if you don’t win! We’ll be sure to send you some sweet Dime Bags SWAG and a free Omerta Boss With Lock!

What are the 2020 stickers? Here they are all laid out for you. Are you missing one? You still have time to purchase the missing stickers RIGHT NOW! 

Dime Bags 2020 Sticker of The Month

We’ve been beefing up our Sticker of the Month program lately, and you may be asking why our Sticker of the Month is such a cool campaign to be a part of. This year we’re giving away one SWEET, never-before-seen prize. Want to learn more? Find out in this week’s blog. 

What is Dime Bag’s Sticker of the Month?

Each month, Dime Bags comes out with a limited edition sticker of the month, it reflects the holiday of that month, and sometimes it’s just a really dope sticker! They come in all kinds of variations and are crafted by different artists, but most recently we’ve had @InkRatz, @DirkHays, and @FabSSS design some for us. 

When you get a sticker, we encourage you to slap it and tag us! When you post a pic online and tag us on Instagram, while also tagging your post with #DimeBagsSlaps, you can get rewarded! When we see your post, we’ll share a little love and DM you about a reward! 

2020’s Contest and Prize

Sticker of the Month Prize Dime Bags

What’s really dope about collecting all 12 stickers for a year, is that you become part of the INNER Inner Circle. At the beginning of January 2021, we’ll ask you on social media to post all 12 stickers that you collected with #DimeBagsSlaps and you’ll be entered into winning one of the dopest and rarest bags on the planet.

The 2020 Dime Bags Slaps winner will get a limited edition Dime Bag with a satin custom interior that matches our 12 sticker designs. Only 10 of these Classic Backpacks will ever exist, and YOU could be the lucky winner of it. 

We’re also rewarding EVERYONE who participates in being part of the INNER Inner Circle. As long as you post a pic with all 12 of your stickers in January, you’ll get some SWEET swag and a free Omerta Boss with Lock.

How do I get one?

It’s hella easy to get one, all you need to do, to get Dime Bags’ Sticker of the Month is make a purchase! As long as we are in stock, and haven’t run out, you’re going to get one with WHATEVER purchase you make. You could buy last month’s sticker, you could buy a single patch, or get a new Dime Bag. The purchase amount does NOT matter. 

Do you run out?

Heck yes, we do! These stickers are very popular, some people place an order at the beginning of every month just to make sure they get the limited sticker. If you want to make sure you get one, we suggest you make a purchase near the beginning of the month.

I missed out! How can I get one?

Dang! It’s always a bummer when you miss out on a highly coveted item, we know! But don’t worry, you can purchase the “missed” sticker at the beginning of the next month! For example, if you missed out on August’s you can purchase it in September for $4.99 when we restock. But you better act fast, each sticker increases every month by five dollars. So in October, that August sticker will be $9.99, and by December the January sticker will cost $54.99. That’s a pricey sticker, but it could help you win the custom interior, special edition Dime Bag, which seems worth it, right?

August 21, 2020 — Jacki Stewart


Mike McVay said:

I’ll be in on this for sure. I’ve got every sticker from the last 2 years…Can’t wait to see the new bag. Stay safe guys! And as always, much love.

Stephen Lyons said:

Awesome company great products was a little confusion with my order and no questions it was fixed right up highly recommended company

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