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For live music enthusiasts, 2020 has been a combination of frustrating and disappointing, but all that’s about to change. In a stunning example of ingenuity and old concepts coming back in new forms, drive-in concerts have started to become a thing. For the past several months musicians have been performing in front of packed drive-in movie audiences all over the country. How are they avoiding the risk of traveling and contracting the dreaded COVID-19? Simple, they aren’t physically present, they’re broadcasting their concert to drive-in movie theaters all over the country.

Is It Safe For the Attendees?

As safe as it can be, provided a little sanity and care is taken. The theaters already enforce a minimum of six feet between cars, with some venues offering 18’x18’ lots. These lots are intended to give you space to park your car and get out to enjoy the show, with a 9’ space on either side of these lots being left open to ensure each group is socially distanced from the other. The staff at these locations maintain strict sanitation standards and limit bathroom occupancy to ensure that everyone remains safe and COVID free.

What’s The Experience Like?

The trick here is that the artists are only virtually present, and that does impact the ability to interact directly with the fans somewhat. Given that it’s up on the big screen, it does help the performers feel larger than life at times. Overall, the goal is to recreate the concert-going experience and give the illusion of being at a live concert with the performers right there in front of you. In many ways, there are benefits to concerts like these.

The performers themselves get to do a show for fans all over the country instead of being limited to a single venue, and they are almost certainly more comfortable than being packed in like sardines at your local performance space. What you’re allowed to bring to the concert depends on where it’s being held, but traditional movie theater condiments are almost always available. Overall it’s a unique experience we can’t say isn’t worth the trip, but it's definitely different. At least you don’t have to sneak outside to toke up between sets, or getting your glass and stash confiscated.

What Should I Bring?

What you can bring to the concert is going to be governed by the venue and your local ordinances. If you’re going to be bringing herb, your kit, or even just some cheaper munchies, you should definitely start with a bag from Dime Bags. Our selection will ensure that you can transport your smoke in style and keep it safe. You can even take advantage of our Omerta line to keep the scent from being noticeable while you settle into your spot in the drive-in.

Overall we feel like drive-in concerts have their place, and they can definitely be a fun time. While, like all enthusiasts, we miss the press of the crowd and the energy that comes with a fully packed venue, they aren’t a bad alternative. We know that eventually, we’ll see a  future coming where we can get out and party without fear of COVID, but until then, hit up a drive-in concert and have a little party in your car.

August 07, 2020 — Jacki Stewart

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