Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

We're still trying to figure out how it is even the holiday season when it was just New Year's Day but it's happening whether we are ready or not. To help ease some of the "WTF do I get cousin Martha?" anxiety, we've rounded up some of our favorite gifts for all the smokers, jokers and midnight tokers in your life. First up: Stocking stuffers. 

5" All-in-One

A little pouch with a lot of punch. Complete with a carbon lined smell-proof pocket, rolling tray and ample padding to protect the goods, this is bound to be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Available in 29 colors, the pouch is complete with our signature removable patch that can be swapped with any one of our 100+ options. 

Velcro Patches

Uncle Frank already have a Dime Bag? Ain't no thing. We've got over 100 different patch options that can be swapped out on any of our bags to complete the fit check. Feeling a little overwhelmed by choices? We hear you. We've recently rolled out Patch Packs to cut down on the required brain power. From hippies to artist to foodies, we've put together some of our favorite pairings and even knocked a few bucks off to make it that much easier. 


Not only do we have signature Dime Bags pins but we've released exclusive sets with Sirron Norris and Ellie Paisley. These heavy duty enamel pins make the perfect compliment to any Dime Bag, hat or sick ass jean jacket you grabbed from the thrift store. 

Dime Bags Dime Baggies small stash bags

Dime Baggies

Beats the hell of out a ziploc bag. 

Not of these quite fit the bill? Our limited edition stickers, rolling trays and wallets are the perfect stocking size too. 

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