Transgender Patch

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June may be PRIDE month but being an ally to the LGBTQA+ community should be a year round mission. 

Despite strides made in attitudes and public policy, the LGBTQA+ community continue to face discrimination, misrepresentation and disproportional violence committed against them. As allies, we can not just sit idly by as trans people continue to be marginalized by policy and personal attitudes. 

From bathroom bans rooted in fear mongering to employment discrimination, the work that has been done to further Transgender rights and representation is under constant attack.  

Since 2003, the National Center of Transgender Equality has provided critical transgender representation in Washington D.C. They have worked tirelessly to preserve the trans community's access to healthcare, move the needle on ID laws and prevent the passing of more than 250 pieces anti-trans legislation in 2021. 

100% of the sales of this patch will be donated to the National Center of Transgender Equality to change policies and mindsets to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people.