Taurus Patch

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Personalize your bag with any of our interchangeable velcro labels! It's like a bumper sticker for your bag.

Taurus: April 20th- May 20th: Number two in the zodiac wheel is the fixed earth sign Taurus. Marking spring in full effect and ruled by Venus, this sign lives for luxury and comfort. Protecting their peace is a top priority. They have seen Aries before them charging head first into life and have decided that a leisurely stroll is much better to assess a situation. Just like the bull, these signs are slow to react but once their minds are made up, they are unmovable. This stubbornness can often cause them to stay in a space maybe a little longer than appropriate just to avoid an “I told you so”. Natal Taureans love the phrase “treat yo self” but also understand that to live a life of extravagance, sometimes you gotta put your head down and grind for it. Taureans are all about the long game, only working hard for things that have a high reward for them. People born under this sign are dependable, trustworthy, and consistent. A Taurus will remind you that it’s not that deep, and all you need to do is get a little high, do your skincare routine, cover yourself in a silk sheet, and binge-watch some Netflix.