Save the Fucking Rainforest Patch

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Have you seen Ferngully? In case you haven't here's a synopsis (spoiler alert- humans ruin the environment):

Faeries think humans are extinct (they're not). Humans (and something named Hexx) are destroying the rainforest. Robin Williams plays a bat that was subject to scientific experiments. A guy destroying the rainforest gets shrunk to fairy size and SUDDENLY wants to save the rainforest. Humans ruin a good portion of the joint but the faeries stop them in the end.

Early 90’s pop culture references aside, the destruction of rainforests across the globe has impacts that are far reaching. We cannot talk about rainforest conservation without addressing the intersection of business and the environment. 

The Rainforest Alliance just does just that. As an alliance, they work with farmers, forest communities, companies, and consumers to create a world where humans and nature can live in harmony. Their work includes human rights advocacy on behalf of exploited communities, economic empowerment for rural farming communities and addressing the impact of climate change on the environment. 

When you purchase this patch, 100% of the sales will benefit The Rainforest Alliance