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Name a deal more real than this one. We'll wait...

While supplies last, score these patch packs at over 50% off. Yep- you read that right. Over 50% off. Packs include:

Assortment 1: Mile High Hamsa, Y Knot, Speak No Evil, I Heart Biking, 710 Abstract, Zen Circle, Squid Games, Gangsta, Respect the Beard, Blue Guy and I Heart Bacon.

Assortment 2: Popsicle, Om, Recycle, Cupcake, Panda, Ince Cream, Roller Skates, Pineapple, Woman, Soda Can, Watermelon. 

Packs are available while supplies last. No substitutions. Not eligible for sales, promotions or discounts.

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