One Tree Planted Patch

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We love trees in all their forms ;) 

Seriously, we do. Which is why we’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted to help reforestation efforts across the globe. 

In their efforts for environmental preservation, One Tree Planted funds direct reforestation projects as well as projects that are focused on biodiversity preservation, agroforestry and ecological restoration. In addition to these direct efforts, One Tree Planted provides community support to provide income and food security for farming families but ensure sustainable practices for future generations. 

Reforestation doesn’t stop with the Amazon or other large forests. Through their Urban Forestry program, One Tree Planted works with cities to address deforestation in large metropolitan areas and restore environmental justice to communities. The impact of trees in urban areas is far reaching. Trees in larger metropolitan areas are important because they:

  • Tackle urban heat by providing shade and reducing air temperatures drastically. 
  • Increase property values in historically marginalized communities
  • Improve mental and physical health by reducing airborne pollutants and providing serene spaces to get your mind right

When you purchase this patch, 100% of the sales benefit One Tree Planted.