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Did you know that there are thousands of individuals incarcerated for low-level cannabis convictions? Not only are these people serving sentences out in jail but they are watching on the sidelines while others get rich for doing the exact same thing. Adding another layer to the injustice, the individuals serving sentences are disproportionately BIPOC while dispensary owners are predominantly white. 

The Last Prisoner Project’s goal is simple: Set them Free. To accomplish this goal, they have a dedicated legal team that provides pro bono legal services to secure clemency, compassionate release or new sentences. In addition to legal services, they have programs for:

Constituent Support: To say the justice system moves slowly would be an understatement. While individuals are waiting for their cases to be moved through the legal system, The Last Prisoner Project provides commissary support and community connection through their letter writing program. Additionally, the project harnesses the power of consciousness raising by sharing prisoners' stories. 

Policy and Advocacy: As cannabis laws change across the country (the US nearly half legal folks!) work needs to be done to confront the victims of the war on drugs. LPP works with local, state and federal governments to provide research based support and legislative assistance for reform. 

When you purchase this patch, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Last Prisoner Project.