Capricorn Patch

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Personalize your bag with any of our interchangeable velcro labels! It's like a bumper sticker for your bag.

Capricorn: December 22nd - January 19th: Known as the GOAT, Saturn ruled Capricorn’s season covers winter at full bloom, when the world is ready to stop, ready to give up, ready to hibernate. Capricorn says “Nah, the grind don't stop”, puts its head down, and powers through the sluggishness. Capricorns are mature, resolved, and focused. They are the sign that not only know what they want but also have a five-year plan on how to obtain it. Saturn is the planet of reaping what you sow and no one understands that as much as a Capricorn. Self-discipline is second nature to this sign. But this isn’t to say that the Caps are all work and no play! Capricorns have the Benjamin Button effect, getting more youthful and playful the older they get. They just know if they get all their chores done now, they will have the rest of their lives to do what they want. Be cautious, though Capricorn, just because you think you have it all figured out doesn’t mean that there is nothing left for you to learn. Capricorns are the friend who can help you get into a routine, remind you that the reward is worth the effort, and is there to lift you up if you fall.