Cancer Patch

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Personalize your bag with any of our interchangeable velcro labels! It's like a bumper sticker for your bag.

Cancer: June 21st-July 22: Bringing in summer, the fourth zodiac sign, Cancer is a cardinal water sign. People born under this sign often reflect the symbol of the crab by having a hard external shell that hides their soft squishy insides. Ruled by the moon, Cancers can pick up on even the most subtle shift of energy, which can sometimes trigger their self-protective walls to snap close around them. When they do decide to lose their hard shell, Cancers are nurturing, cozy and committed. The signs before have shown Cancer that nothing is worth doing if your heart's not in it so when they act it’s out of the love in their heart. But, remember, just like the crab, Cancers are quick to pinch if they feel their love is unappreciated. If a Cancer trusts you, they will invite you into their home, let you use their favorite blanket, and talk shit about your ex to make you feel better.