Aquarius Patch

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Personalize your bag with any of our interchangeable velcro labels! It's like a bumper sticker for your bag.

Aquarius: January 20th- February 18th: The end of winter is brought in by Aquarius, a sign that is best known for marching to the beat of its own drum. Often mistaken as a water sign, these water bearers are actually the final air sign of the zodiac, which becomes so apparent when you get to know them. They represent the intellectual, curious nature of air but at the macro level. They gather knowledge not in the pursuit of wisdom, but for the sole purpose of change. Being ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation, rebellion, and upheaval, Aquarius sees a broken system and will be the first to fight for change. They have a deep love for their community and other people but often like to keep themselves separate from them. They can sometimes become so focused on the greater good for all that they forget that they can make a difference in the lives of those around them by just being present. Aquarius is innovative, eccentric, and clever. They are the friends who accept you for who you are, talk your ear off about how the government is doing it wrong, and will also have a million plans on how to make life better for everyone as a whole.