Dime Bags and Grassroots Winter Lookbook

Winter is here and we’re back with our winter lookbook collection of our Hempster Dime Bags and Grassroots artistic apparel. If you’re looking for ways to stand out and make a statement with stylish combinations, we’ve got you covered.

For those who don’t know who Grassroots are, get ready for your wardrobe to be forever changed. Grassroots California started as a one-of-a-kind, environmentally friendly hat company — creating artistic hemp hats for famous artist like Jerry Garcia and Method Man. Soon they started their own clothing line, by uniting street wear and counter-culture fashion. As a result, they quickly became one of the most recognizable brands in alternative fashion by creating truly unique apparel that stands out among the rest.

With mad love for cannabis and showcasing unique artistic designs, it’s truly a match made in heaven between our bags and Grassroots apparel. That’s why we’ve hand-picked this winter’s lookbook combinations for you.

winter lookbook

10” Rollies Pouch & Sedona Sunrise Pom Beanie

The Sedona Sunrise Pom Beanie is a new winter item from Grassroots. It’s designed to keep your head warm and stay stylish at the same time. Spending the day on slopes won’t be an issue with this beanie on, and it matches perfectly with our 10” Rollies Pouch.

Much like our classic pouches, our 10” Rollies Pouch was designed with a little something extra –– a secret rolling tray. The secret rolling tray is perfect for on-the-go use and is hidden in a well-secured, zipped compartment within the padded interior. So stay warm as you ride high on the ski lift. And don’t worry about making a mess with this well-equipped pouch.

grassroots hats

Dime Bags Skatepack & Cali Greens Fine Hemp Fitted Hat

Who says you can’t skateboard in the winter? Our Skatepack was designed for those always on the go no matter the season. It’s easy to use and stylish to carry around. When you pair our Skatepack with one of Grassroots’ new winter items, the Cali Greens Fine Hemp Fitted Hat, you’ll be making a statement wherever you go.

Perfect for those not so freezing winter days, the Cali Greens Hat is designed to stylishly fit your head without blowing away when you gain momentum on your skateboard. Just throw on your Cali Greens hat, grab your Skatepack, and you’re on your way.

smell proof pouches

Midnight Gray Insulated Vest Hoodie & 10” Omerta Boss

First, let me just comment on how dope Grassroots hoodies are. Each hoodie is made with high quality, durable materials. You know you’re getting top of the line apparel with Grassroots, and this new winter item is no different. The Midnight Gray Insulated Vest Hoodie will keep you warm even when you’re out running late night errands.

We’ve paired this awesome hoodie with our 10” Omerta Boss pouch, because, well, it’s bad ass! It’s smell proof, so you can confidently walk around knowing the goods are discreetly kept close by your side. After all, Omerta means, “code of silence.” When this insulated vest hoodie is paired with our 10” Omerta Boss, you’ll definitely look boss wherever you go.

hemp yoga pants

The Hipster & Sedona Black Yoga Pants

Our Hipster bag is perfect for all seasons. It’s multi-functional and vibrant for even those cold and grey days. Combining this 5 star bag with one of Grassroots’ new winter items, the Sedona Black Yoga Pants, you’ll be trendy and comfortable at the same time. Whether it’s a holiday party, date night, or trip to the mall, this pair is a must have for anyone who loves a combination of comfort and style.

duffle tube

Blacklight Bomber Blue Yoga Pants & 10” Duffle Tube

Grassroots, you did it again! I mean, just look at the colors of these yoga pants. As a new winter item, the Blacklight Bomber Blue Yoga Pants have everyone taking a second look. Pair these amazing Bomber yoga pants with our 10” Duffle Tube, and you’ll be sure to get a compliment everywhere you go. This combo is perfect for that hot yoga class you’ve been meaning to try, and now you can. Stay fashionable as you yoga away in these pants, knowing your essentials are safe and secure in our durable, shed-proof Duffle Tube.

grassroots beanie, hemp purse

Berry Striped Slouch Beanie & Dime Bags Large Multi-Purpose

Who doesn’t love a slouch beanie? This new winter item, the Berry Striped Slouch Beanie by Grassroots, is a must have for your winter wardrobe.

Imagine yourself walking downtown surrounded by holiday themed decorations. You’re with your friends, laughing and sipping hot cocoa, when you unexpectedly catch a glimpse of your reflection in a window. You see this fashionable yet practical person staring back at you with an ever-so-slightly Berry Striped slouch beanie on and a Large Multi-Purpose bag draped over the shoulder. Suddenly it’s in that moment you know you’ve found yourself! If only every outfit made you feel this confident.

bag for bong

18” Conversion Tube & Removable Bear Forage SnapBack Hat

Grassroots is known for their amazing Snapback hats. Their new winter item, the Removable Bear Forage Snapback Hat is the perfect sequence of winter colors. Wherever there is a camera, you’ll want to capture this SnapBack in every light. We’ve paired this Snapback with our 18” Conversion Tube, simply because it was designed for your in-disposable valuables in mind.

This combination is perfect for those late night parties or early morning hikes. So when you’re done posing for your last picture, you can sit back, relax, and reach into your indestructible bag for your “it’s my happy place” glass and truly appreciate the moment.

winter fashion

Hip Hugger & Freestyle Anorak Jacket

We’re kickin’ it old school with this pair, by turning back the clock and bringing the 80’s back. But this time we’re adding a touch of modern day style. Leave it to Grassroots to successfully combine the 80’s and today’s style together with their new winter jacket, the Freestyle Anorak. These colors are poppin’ and are sure to catch anyone’s attention. And it matches perfectly with our vibrant red Hip Hugger. You won’t have to worry about your keys, your wallet, or your phone with the Hip Hugger by your side. So stay out as late as you want.

Whether you’re new to the 80’s style, or you remember dressing up in neon colors while you cheered on the local break dancer, this combo is perfect for a day out in nature or a night on the town. Not to mention it’s a perfect conversation starter for those true 80’s kids.

top shelf series

The Top Shelf Series & Removable Bear Patchwork Tall Pullover Hoodie

(This is the combo picture in the cover photo.) The Top Shelf Series is a collaboration with both Grassroots and Dime Bags. It features a limited edition hat and bag combo, with a one-of-a-kind print on the inside of the bag and hat. Only 420 were made of this combo, so they are going quick. The backpack and hat both come with two removable patches so you an switch up your style. Pair it with the Removable Bear Patchwork Tall Pullover Hoodie and you’ve got yourself one of the rarest combos you can own.

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