Step Up Your Hat Pin Game With These Exclusive Pins

While you may be familiar with the fact that all of our Dime Bags come with a removable patch (which you can replace with any of our 60+ unique patches), what you may not be familiar with is the fact that we also have a collection of hat pins for further customization. We’ve got eleven different pins in stock right now – check ‘em out below!

Sirron Norris Collab Pins

Gut Bear – One of our favorite San Francisco artists has designed us some specialty pins that we are SO psyched about. This one features a bear… with a bear on its stomach… that just happens to be puking out a rainbow. We kind of feel high just looking at it, and that’s why we love it.

Supdog – Kind of looks like your beloved cartoon dog, huh? We all knew Scooby and Shaggy were smoking doinks in the back of the Mystery Machine, and this just proves it.

Victorion – If this pin reminds you of Fox Network’s animated show “Bob’s Burgers,” it’s for a good reason – Norris was the lead artist for them, and he created backgrounds and character designs. Besides that, it’s just a cool ass pin.

All of our pins are hard enamel double back posted pins. They’re cast with iron and nickel, and finished with a smooth enamel. These pins are the PERFECT addition to any bag, pouch, or hat. Show off your style to the world with a few of these guys to create a look that’s uniquely you.

Cannabis Culture Pins

Kold Cloud – Ever been so high that you felt like the smoke you exhaled was stoned itself? Get on Cloud 9 with this funky pin, designed with only the truest stoners in mind.

Come Back With a Warrant  – Know your rights! If traveling with weed, make sure to always do research on local laws and regulations to stay compliant. Stick it to the man (pun intended) by making a statement with this pin.

Middle Finger – There’s no denying the statement that’s being made here. Now you can scream a big “F you” to the weed haters without actually saying a word.

Roar Music – This pin pays tribute to the influence that music has on us all (remember the Snoop Lion phase?) If you ask us, there’s nothing better than burning a doobie while jamming to tunes with some good friends and dank buds.

Dime Bags Brand Pins

Dime Bags Logo – Tryna show us some love? We appreciate you. <3 Keep it cool and simple with our basic Dime Bags logo pin. Its simple black and green design goes with everything and anything.

Dime Bags Dime Logo – Maybe you wanna go for something a little snazzier than our basic logo but still represent your fav company. Check out this pin, featuring our favorite guy Frank!

Omerta Pins

Omerta Frank – While all of our pins go great with all of our bags (don’t think we’re being bias here! It’s a fact), Frank is back at it again with this one, designed specifically for our Omerta collection. Frank reps the mobster look in this one, staying true to the Omerta lifestyle.

Speak No Evil – It might look like a cute little monkey, but this pin represents the mafia even more than Frank does. The word “omerta” itself represents a code of silence – a promise to not rat anyone out and to keep your business on the downlow. Hear no evil and see no evil, sure, but the golden rule of omerta is to speak no evil.

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