Celebrities who Support the Cannabis Movement

Marijuana, in case you haven’t noticed, has been becoming big business in the past couple of decades. The legalization movement is well underway, and some of the names that are coming out in support of it have been surprising people. There have always been a few supporters of the legalization movement in Hollywood, but recent years have seen more coming out of the woodwork every day.

Some of them may not be much of a surprise (Woody Harrelson, anyone?), while others are nothing shy of a complete shock (Martha Stewart?!). The question that’s been on some people’s minds is why these Hollywood debutantes are coming out in support of the legalization movement. For some, it may be a long-hidden vice that they’ve had to keep on the down-low for their career; for others, it may be capitalism.

Martha Stewart

Let’s start with the one that anyone in their right mind would be a little suspicious of their motivations. This Hollywood food mogul is known to be an opportunistic vulture feeding off the latest fads. It comes as little surprise that she’s jumped on board with the cannabis train with her line of products. It’s pretty clear to this writer that Martha sees another way to increase her profit share and take advantage of yet another industry into which she can sink her name.

Whoopi Goldberg

Other Hollywood personalities have an honest stake in the game, and Whoopi Goldberg is among them. She has come out saying that she’s used marijuana for years to help keep her glaucoma under control, and believes it can do more. She partnered with Maya Elisabeth of Om Edibles to create a line of products aimed at minimizing the discomfort caused by menstruation. Need more proof? Only a dyed in the wool marijuana advocate would name her vape pen, let alone call it “Sippy.”

Morgan Freeman

If there was ever a more legitimizing and grandfatherly figure to step forward and make marijuana wholesome, we don’t know who it is. Morgan Freeman has been using marijuana to treat his fibromyalgia for years and has been an active supporter of across the board legalization.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart has been an active face in socially progressive movements from abolishing rape culture to the legalization movement. He indicated that his hands didn’t work as well as they once did. Using cannabis has helped restore much of their function. The recent law in California legalizing marijuana has made his treatment a spray-on application. Legalize marijuana? the Captain says, “Make it so.”

These are just some of the celebrities coming out in support of legalizing marijuana. From capitalistic greed to compassionate access to effective medicine, they all have their reasons for wanting to see hemp legalized. Given the degree of success the industry has been having, we’re happy to have them on board. Legal marijuana for everyone is the goal, and with these champions, we’re well on our way there.

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