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With ample storage space and resiliency like none other, the Dime Bags conversion tube takes functionality to the next level. Complete with a removable padded insert, this is your go to bag for protecting your gear or hitting the trails. Whether you have those expensive glass pieces to transport, a tripod to lug around, or are headed to your next hot yoga class fumbling with your keys and phone – the Dime Bags Conversion Tube will dictate how great of a day you are going to have.

Thinking about getting outside and going on that nice three-mile hike? Or overlooking the city and seeking out some serious alone time with your fancy glass? Rad view, rad rig, all that’s left is a rad bag to transport it. The Conversion Tube is that rad bag you have been looking for. If you care one bit about your happiness and the safety of your “child,” you will choose the Conversion Tube.

Let’s drop some knowledge – COMPLETE PADDED INSERT! The safety net of padding in the conversion tube will hug your pipe with the perfect amount of safety and comfort. For those wanting extra space for “actual” hiking gear or camera accessories don’t let this pillow of padding deter you. With one quick un-zip, you can remove the entire insert leaving P L E N T Y of room for a tripod, blanket, yoga mat, a few bottles of wine, that much-needed selfie stick and go pro duo, or just a water bottle and snacks (if you care about hydration and refueling after a hike or that hot and sweaty yoga class you almost regret going to). Along with two micro-mesh elastic pouches for easy access and another external top lid zippered pocket, there’s a place for everything you need to carry and almost too many separate compartments to do so.

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Additional information

Weight2.45 lbs
Dimensions18 x 6.5 x 10in

Black, Brown, Concrete, Glass, Grey, Tan, Timber

Other features
  • Durable Hempster Exterior
  • Removable Padded Insert
  • Smell/Spill Proof Clear Poly Bag
  • Heavy-duty Zippers
  • Interchangeable Velcro Label

5 reviews for 18″ Conversion Tube

  1. Adam Marciniak (verified owner)

    This bag is amazing! The shape and inner padding are perfect for protecting larger water pipes. The fully removable padded liner is an awesome feature, turning the padded case into an incredibly functional and durable backpack.

  2. DimeBags

    Brandon, Dime Bags is not currently looking to make the 18″ Conversion Tube in Midnight in the near future. However we do make the 23″ in Midnight if that would work? We really hope that would work for you, Your Friends at DimeBags

  3. best inestment

    most amazing purchase i have ever made

  4. Jeff

    Absolutely love this product the removable inner padded case is no doubt the best way to protect your expensive glass. Also the pouches inside the padded case are very handy. Add all this to thee fact that it is made out of hemp and has handy backpack straps on it and turns out that i will never buy another bag again not produced by this company.

  5. Jackson

    Best way to protect your glass is with this bag!!!!! Words can not describe how epic this bag is. i use the outer shell as a backpack and then when i need to take my water pipe out and about with me the inner case easily slides in for a quick getaway. There are so many pockets in the bag some are padded for your extra slides, downstems and glass piceses and others are just good stash pockets. the bag comes with a smell proof pouch and it really is smell proof no skunky smells to fill up your room, office or classroom. There are only 2 downsides to this bag, the padded pockets on the inside are very tiny and tight so dont expect to be able to fit a ashcatcher or large bowl in there. the other down side is the padded bowl pockets are shallow so when putting your glass away you have to be very very careful not to hit any exposed glass and break an expensive bowl piece. I am very very pleased with my purchess and i am even considering buying a few more of these bags in other colors for the rest of my water pipe collection.

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