Top 5 Dime Bags of 2020

Top 5 Dime Bags of 2020 | Most Popular Dime Bags | Padded Bags

2020 has come and gone, so we want to celebrate by highlighting the top selling Dime Bags of last year. We love all our bags, which makes it hard to pick favorites, but 2020 showed us that there are some clear winners in popularity! From long time fan favorites, to surprising viral sensations, here are the top 5 Dime Bags of 2020.

#5: The Padded Duffle

It’s no wonder that the Padded Duffle is a popular choice amongst our fans. With heavy duty padding and protection, this tube-like bag will keep all your valuables safe. The Padded Duffle comes in 3 sizes - 10”, 15” and 17” - to fit a variety of your belongings from glass to camera lens’. If you’re looking for protection, look no further than our 5 star Padded Duffle. 

Padded Duffle | Dime Bags | Padded Tube | Tube Bag

#4: The Padded Pouch

With 22 eye-catching Hempster colors, heavily padded interiors, and 3 pockets for all your essentials, the Padded Pouch reigns as a fan favorite, year after year. With soft, shed-proof valor interiors, Padded Pouches are ideal for guarding your fragile items with room for accessories and even snacks!  Get ready to meet your cute new BFF and fall in love with the versatility of the Padded Pouch. 

Padded Pouch | Pipe Bag | Eco-Friendly | Dime Bags

#3: The Omerta Boss

No one messes with The Boss! This fully smell proof bag keeps you discreet in the streets. It’s like the cooler cousin of our original Padded Pouches, with 100% smell proof carbon filtration and iconic Omerta zippers. The Boss comes in 4 different sizes - 5”, 7”, 8” and 10” - to hold a variety of your goodies and keep even your most fragile valuables secure. The smallest Boss is perfect for hugging your smallest breakables and keeping them in place. Available with or without a three-digit lock, The Boss is your go-to for safety and sleek durability. Do yourself a favor and get one! 😉

The Omerta Boss | Smell Proof | Carbon Activated Lining | Dime Bags | Lockable Padded Pouch

#2: The Hot Box 

The viral TikTok sensation, otherwise known as the Hot Box, was our fastest growing bag of 2020 and for good reason! Stylish meets simple and hip meets multi-functional in this tiny but mighty backpack. The Hot Box has 7 compartments and light protection to hold and defend all your on-the-go essentials. Don’t be surprised if you get a few compliments while you’re sporting the Hot Box. 

The Hot Box | Popular Bag | Trending Bags | Hempster | TikTok | Mini Backpack

1: The All-In-One

Coming in at the most popular Dime Bag of 2020 is the trusty All-In-One. The name really does say it all -- this padded pouch is equipped with everything you need as a smoker. Featuring a hidden rolling tray and built-in smell proof Omerta pocket, the All-In-One acts as safe and convenient storage for your goods. With 19 eco-friendly Hempster colors and 4 size options, you’re sure to find an All-In-One that suits your needs and keeps you discreet. 

All-In-One | Padded Pouch | Rolling Tray | Smell Proof | Omerta | Dime Bags

2020 was our best year yet, and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing Dime Bags community! Here’s to 2021 being even more dope. So what was your favorite Dime Bag of 2020? Let us know in the comments! 💚✌

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  • I like my Hempster the best bought I’ve bought so many since I’ve found your all’s company online. You’ll have to beat me away with a broom cause I’m gonna keep on buying so many more. Thanks you should throw a rolling tray in the box sometime that would be killer.

    Isacc Hildreth

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