Spring Grassroots + Dime Bags Lookbook

Groundhog Day has come and passed, and word on the street is that spring is coming early this year. As we get psyched for warmer weather, we’ve created our spring lookbook collection for Dime Bags merchandise and Grassroots artistic apparel. Trying to get ahead of the fashion game this season? Let us help you out.

For those who have never heard of Grassroots, you can thank us later. Grassroots started in California as a one-of-a-kind, environmentally friendly hat company, and it soon turned into an entire clothing line that united streetwear and counter-culture fashion. Grassroots quickly became one of the most recognizable brands in alternative fashion by creating truly unique apparel that stands out among the rest.

Like us, Grassroots doesn’t sacrifice either fashion or sustainability when creating new products – why do that when you can have both? Here are some spring lookbook combinations we’ve picked out just for you.

Clinton Reynolds Helena Tan Strapback Hat & Rollies Pouch

The Clinton Reynolds Helena Tan Strapback Hat is one of the newest additions to the Grassroots collection. Featuring artwork from the talented Clinton Reynolds, this hat is made of tan hemp and features a beautiful embroidered design that’s sure to leave any stoner dazed for hours.

The green hues of the Strapback Hat go perfectly with our Tan 8” Rollies Pouch. Like our classic Pouches only better, the Rollies Pouch comes with a hidden rolling tray inside for a fun little surprise. It’s the perfect accessory for any on-the-go joint rollers, and it comes with additional pockets inside and out to keep all your smoking accessories safe and organized. So roll one up with your friends and get lost in that hat embroidery, we won’t judge!

Jimbo Phillips GRC Bear Black Work Jacket & 6” Omerta Capo

It’s business in the front, and a party on the back. The mullet of jackets, the Jimbo Phillips GRC Bear Black Work Jacket is the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe. While at first it appears to be just a simple, durable, warm black jacket, you can’t overlook the artwork on the back that really makes this piece something special.

To maintain a stealthy and stylish black-on-black look, we’ve paired the Work Jacket with our 6” Omerta Capo. The Capo is 100% smell proof thanks to its carbon filter technology, and it comes with a dual Velcro enclosure to keep your stash sealed tight. Looking for a little extra room? The Capo also comes in a 7” design so there’s no need to stress where you’ll put everything.

Royal Roots Velour Womens Pullover Hoodie & Club Kid

The Royal Roots Velour Womens Pullover Hoodie is extra warm and comfy, making it the perfect accessory to help you come out of that winter hibernation. It comes with the iconic Royal Roots design, and is the first ever Velour Pullover Hoodie from Grassroots California. You’ll want to snag this one fast, though – they only made 100!

To maintain the slouchy, comfy, fashionista vibe, pair your Pullover Hoodie with our Club Kid on your next weekend adventure. This mini hemp backpack is compact and light. It lets you keep your hoodie pockets empty and your stuff safe, since the exterior pocket comes padded.

Sedona Blue Insulated Flannel Jacket & 15” Duffle Tube

Like you, the Sedona Blue Insulated Flannel Jacket can do it all. It’s warm, stylish, and unique – with only 150 made, you’ll want to cop this guy sooner than later. This is Grassroots’ first ever insulated Flannel, and we think it’s perfect for those first days of spring where it’s too warm for a winter jacket, but too cold to go without something a little extra.

If you’re a fan of the Sedona Blue Flannel, odds are you’re also an adventurer at heart. Our Glass 15” Duffle Tube will give your outfit a pop of style and function. The Duffle Tube is highly padded to offer the utmost protection – whether you’re carrying camping gear, a new bong, or your camera equipment, the Duffle Tube will help to keep it safe and in place.

Freestyle Badge Forest Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie & Skatepack

Grassroots stays true to its underground image with their Freestyle Badge Forest Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie. With a cool graphic, classic design, and quality material, you can’t go wrong with this unique, state of the art hoodie.

This is definitely a combo for our skaters. Pair the hoodie with our Silver Skatepack for a cool vibe that stands out without being obnoxious. Stay comfy and warm at the skate park in your new hoodie, and add a pop of complementary color with this backpack especially designed to securely carry your board.

Royal Roots Tan Suede Dad Hat & Hip Hugger

The Royal Roots Tan Suede Dad Hat will soon become your go-to daily accessory. With a simple design, unique material, and classic fit, this hat goes with almost any outfit. Whether you’re running from a bad hair day or just out running errands, this Royal Roots hat is basically your new secret weapon.

To make the hat’s design pop, pair it with the Hip Hugger. Our Hip Hugger takes the best aspects of a Fanny Pack (hands-free, cute accessory, easy access to important stuff) and a purse (plenty of room and different compartments) and combines them into one cute bag that can be used on the daily.

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