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September 2021 heralds the arrival of a surreal new addition to the Colorado Art Scene. This month will see the opening of The Convergence Station in Colorado. Created by the unrepentantly anarchic artist sect Meow Wolf this new installation will be their most extensive ever. Understanding the importance of this new creation requires knowing a little about the incredible group behind it.

History of Meow Wolf Art Collective

Meow Wolf got its start in 2008 when a band of local creatives in Sante Fe, NM, came together to form a new art collective. Even the origin of its name is a tribute to the often chaotic and anarchic nature of artistic expression. During its first meeting, the founding members put slips of paper into a hat with a single word on it. The first two drawn from it read “Meow” and “Wolf,” and so the collective was duly dubbed.

They would bring multiple temporary installations to the Santa Fe area in the years to follow, each with its flair. “Biome Neuro Norb” delivered an incredible experience with a bizarre futurist style worthy of William Gibson. “Auto Wolf” would use artistic alchemy to transform a donated car into something utterly unexpected. These artistic installments shared something in common with the meticulously created sand mandalas. They were unique, mind-altering, and ephemeral. Each of them disappeared, living on only in the minds and memories of those who participated.

This transience would be the nature of Meow Wolf’s art until 2016, after a pledge of $2.7 million from Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin. His gift was to facilitate the lease and renovation of a bowling alley into the first piece of persistent Meow Wolf art. From this, the House of Eternal Return would be born. It has since been joined by Omega Mart Las Vegas, Nevada. This multisensory grocery store combines technical wizardry and narrative-focused storytelling to deliver a unique commerce experience.

Omega Mart Meow Wolf
Convergence Station | Meow Wolf Denver

This incredible group of creatives puts together this third permanent exhibition. Three years of effort went into creating this extravaganza drawing on the talents of 300 incredibly talented creators. Experience the collaborative efforts of artists from all over the world, with more than 110 from the local Colorado area.

A visit to the Convergence Station will immerse you in an incredible science-fiction tale delivered with a surrealist flair. As you travel through the four-story exhibition, you’ll experience mind-bending art in the form of portals, rooms, and installations. Over 70 individual artistic displays will blend to tell the story of converged worlds culminating in an unforgettable, cathartic experience.

Whether you’re from the Colorado area or just passing through, this exhibit is not to be missed. Pick up your tickets and experience one of the most outstanding artistic displays ever to be witnessed in Denver, Co. 

Meow Wolf Convergence Station Denver

Have you been to a Meow Wolf art experience? Let us know which location you’ve visited and if you go again, make sure to bring your Dime Bag and snap some dope shots!

September 15, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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