Labor Day Weekend Activities 2021

Labor Day is almost here! This day, celebrated on the first Monday of September, has been a federal holiday since 1894, and as the last three-day weekend of summer, it's considered a great time to place in some warm weather fun. As this weekend comes, the possibilities for last-minute fun are endless – at least within the restraints of the pandemic, of course. Despite precautions being made, you can still travel safely to any event of your choosing, but what should you and your family do? Well, we're here to outline some activities you can soak up before the coming fall season.

Backpacks for Road Trips

Road trips are the perfect three-day getaway, giving you the chance to drive somewhere new and experience sights you've never seen before. By planning out your road trip ahead of time, you can take in the sights and find hidden gems. Whether you're planning your trip locally or across state borders, they're an exciting way to enjoy those last few days of summer.

For road trips, we recommend bags such as the Transporter and Classic Backpack as well as our Water Resistant Backpack for hands-free travel. If you’re more into our cool Hempster color combos, we’d recommend the Urban Backpack! Our smell proof backpack, The Transporter, offers discreet pockets, a built-in lock, and lots of compartments for easy storage with your travel essentials. Whichever Dime Bags backpack you choose will be a perfect travel companion!

Backpacks for road trips

Mini Backpacks for Shopping

Labor Day isn't just about sightseeing, as our local economies often thrive the most during the summer season due to free-time and vacation-goers. If you have a new shop that you've meant to head to but haven't quite gotten there yet, then now's the time to visit! Take a local stroll across town, or travel to your nearest city and shop your heart away.

For shopping, Dime Bags offers mini backpacks, including the cute and compact Festy Bound or the trendy Hot Box, to carry your essentials, hands-free, and make your trip easy.

Cute yellow mini backpack

Cross-Trail Bike Riding or Hiking Bags

Nature has plenty to offer for summertime fun, and if you've meant to hit the trail but haven't yet, now's the time. Make sure that when you go, you're prepared with all the essentials you need, including maps, water, and a compass to keep your family safe this Labor Day weekend.

When it comes to taking ease off the shoulders and carrying everything you need, the Slinger and the Don can be your heavy-duty bag that holds off the weather and keeps your belongings safe.

Smell proof crossbody bag for hiking

Secure Outdoor Camping

Lastly, camping outdoors before the colder weather sets in can be an excellent way to unwind from stress and enjoy what nature provides. Roughing it out in the wild while sleeping under the stars can help you rejuvenate your soul and prepare you for the long winter nights ahead.

If you plan on camping this Labor Day weekend, then having a bag that can hold everything you need is a must. Bags such as the Convoy, the Cleaner, and the Associate can carry all you need while outdoors and can make packing up for your family more organized and easier to carry this weekend.

large smell proof duffle bag

All of our Dime Bags are made with an eco-friendly Hempster blend that gives your bags a practical approach with a sense of fashion behind it. Change up your bag according to your mood and celebrate Labor Day weekend in style by ordering a bag and customized patch today!

September 03, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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