Oh hey no big deal or anything but we landed a role on Euphoria (Season 2, Episode 3 to be exact). Yep, THAT EUPHORIA which means we're pretty much best friends with Zendaya and Hunter Schaffer. You can spot our Backpack multiple times walking through the halls of the highschool during the iconic Cassie and Maddy scene where they’re in the same outfit… awkwardddd. It’s needless to say, but we think that the Euphoria characters would 100% be using Dime Bags. If you want to check out which bags we would pair with each of them, you can check out our blog about it! Not much of a reader? Well lucky for we also have a TikTok video!

Euphoria Season 2


Produced by the FXX channel, the comedy series DAVE comes with all the punches. Starring Lil Dicky, the story takes place in suburban Philadelphia, starring Lil Dicky as a fictionalized version of himself, caught up in the idea that he’s meant to be the greatest rapper of all time. Through his ambitious goals, he goes through a mental health journey and eventually grows successful as a rapper himself. Through various twists and turns, season two brings on a surprise like no other, and it takes watching it to find out for yourself!

Along with that note, season two also features one of our main collections of hempster bags, the classic backpack in Midnight and the discontinued Hipster bag in brown. The classic backpack features our iconic hempster material, multiple compartments, and micro-mesh utility pockets, making it our ultimate backpack of choice.

lil dicky dave

How High 2

How High 2, the sequel to How High, is the hash-fueled journey of characters Roger and Calvin, as they attempt to seek funds for their on-demand weed delivery business. This stoner comedy, starring Lil Yachty and D.C Young Fly, goes through grand schemes of adventure and hilariousness as they attempt to get their Weed Bible back and special stash, fending off against various rivals from all walks of life. As this movie is considered to be a stoner classic, this movie is perfect for a night indoors with weed-induced fun on the horizon.

In parts of this stoner comedy, one of our discontinued Dime Bags products is featured in the movie, known previously as The Bully in forest green. The Bully was a storage space monster with five padded utility pockets, silicone dab guard mats, and three internal zipper pockets. 

how high

A Star is Born (2018)

If you’re looking for a musical romantic drama movie to cry to, then a Star is Born is what we recommend. Starring singers Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, this movie is a love story between a famous country musician battling alcohol addiction and Ally, a waitress with a talent for singing. Through the meeting, they form a romantic relationship and go through trial and turmoil through success and failure, creating a rollercoaster that will leave you in tears.

Throughout the drama and romance, Dime Bags was also featured in this film with our classic hemp backpack in our iconic timber color. See if you can find one of our bags in the movie for yourself!

a star is born

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

As one of the newest indie movies to come out this year, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a film worth watching. Starring Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen, the characters Margaret and Mark are two teenagers stuck in a perpetual time loop, repeating the same day over and over again. As they go through the same loop together, these two ultimately are on a journey to figure out the phenomenon they’re in and hopefully escape the loop and fall in love in the process.

Watch The Map of Tiny Perfect Things for yourself to see which of our bags was featured alongside brands such as Vans, Levi, and Madewell!

a map of tiny perfect things

If you ever see a Dime Bag while you're watching something, make sure to let us know! If it's a placement we haven't heard of already, we'll send ya some goodies. 


March 28, 2022 — Customer Service

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