In 2017, women held 37% of executive level roles in the cannabis industry. As of 2022, women only occupy 22% of those positions. This decrease comes despite findings that women led cannabis companies produce more than twice the revenue per dollar invested. Here are four women led cannabis and hemp brands that you can support:

1. Brown Girl Jane

With 100% of their products coming from US grown hemp, Brown Girl Jane seeks to elevate women's wellness by providing a superior plant based product. In addition to providing a high quality CBD based wellness products, they operate under the principles of accessibility, transparency, simplicity and inclusivity. In addition to their skincare and wellness products, the founders of Brown Girl Jane Malaika Jones, Nia James and Tai Beauchamp created the Brown Girl Jane Foundation where they've granted over $400,000 in partnership with Shea Moisture and Vaseline. Additionally, Black Girl Jane donates a portion of their sales to non-profits that are aligned with their mission like the Black Women's Health Imperative

2. Gossamer

Gossamer is a media outlet that "looks at the world—travel, design, art, culture, and food—through a green lens". From interviews with leaders in the cannabis industry to collaborations with leading brands, Gossamer provides elevated aesthetic to the green industry. Co-founded by former Lucky Digital Editor Verena von Pfetten and former Digg Chief Creative Officer David Weiner, Gossamer, according to Fashionista, "showcases cannabis culture in a way that's smart, creative and highly entertaining for any reader, whether you're 420-friendly or simply 420-curious." 

3. Miss Grass

Called the "Goop of Cannabis", Miss Grass works with cultivators who sustainably farm hemp and cannabis plants to bring you cannabis for the times. Featured in Forbes magazine, Miss Grass was founded on the mission of helping women "get good at weed." According to founder Kate Miller, "We are cannabis lovers and true stoners, but we strive to offer an alternative to traditional stoner culture, which is heavily male dominated and often doesn’t highlight the sensual, introspective, expansive or playful aspects of it.”

4. Superette

Consuming cannabis is fun and Suprette thinks buying it should be just as fun. The Canadian based brand was founded by Mimi Lam in 2019 and has quickly risen to the ranks as a Canada's leading retailer. According to founder Mimi Lam, "With an ambitious aesthetic and unforgettable retail experiences, Superette is our interpretation of the intersection of cannabis, lifestyle, and community.” Notably, in 2022, Superette acquired Cannoe setting the stage for Superette to operate 12 retail locations with an additional four slated to open this year. 

 Are there any others you would add to list? What strives are you excited to see women make in both the cannabis/hemp industries and beyond?

March 28, 2022 — Amber Sparks

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