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The beloved animation, Bob’s Burgers, is back with season 12! We're also pretty stoked for the Bob's Burgers movie that's coming in 2022! If you haven’t heard of this Fox show, you’ve likely been living under a rock and we suggest you give it a watch for a few laughs. It’s a perfect show to watch while relaxing and partaking in your favorite recreational activities. If you’re already a fan of Bob’s Burgers, you might get a kick out of which Dime Bags we’ve paired with the main characters and why, so just keep reading to find out!

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Bob Belcher | The Classic Hemp Backpack in Black

Bob Belcher Dime Bags Backpack

Okay we’re starting off strong with Bob himself! As the father and owner of Bob’s Burgers, he’s debatably the least “weird'' member with some quirks, often presenting the voice of reason in his family’s peculiar situations. While trying to make ends meet and care for his family, Bob remains the sensible one, showing patience where needed and is a testament to the show’s ultimate shenanigans.

So, what’s our choice for this hardworking father? The Classic Hemp Backpack of course. This Dime Bags backpack provides all the practical needs he needs without getting too fancy. Featuring a super reliable Hempster material and heavy-duty zippers, this backpack is bound to do the trick. Although he doesn’t have to commute very far to work, The Backpack would definitely come in handy for some of the odd predicaments he’s likely to face. Bob is a simple man, so he’d probably go for the good ole Black shade to stay lowkey. Although Bob probably wouldn’t get a patch for his Dime Bag because he’s always worried about money, if we had to pick one it would definitely be the DB Soda Patch! For… reasons… we call it soda, but it can be whatever cold canned beverage you want it to be! 🍺

Linda Belcher | The Multi-Purpose in Red

Linda Belcher Dime Bags

Linda’s pretty much the coolest mom ever, spouting a child-like imagination, a happy-go-lucky enthusiasm for life, and a dramatic position in everything she does. As a supportive wife and mother, she has unwavering support in Bob and may be seen as kind of a pushover by her kids, but that doesn’t mean she’s boring. Always singing and loving baby things, she’s considered a favorite character by many fans.

For someone so youthful and cherry, the Multi-Purpose is sure to float her boat. This new three-compartment style crossbody bag is perfect for everyday use and comes in some fun color combinations that give it a lot of personality- just like her! This purse comes in both small and large, but we’re pretty sure Linda would want the large in Static Red to match her red shirt and fiery attitude. The Don’t Judge Me Patch matches her personality and we could definitely see her saying something like this in the show. You never know what a mom of 3 might need on-the-go, but the Multi-Purpose has enough pockets to organize whatever she needs! 

Louise Belcher | The Slinger in Aqua

Louise Belcher Bobs Burgers

Probably considered one of the feistiest kids you could ever meet in the show, Louise is fearless, has a hint of crazy, and is highly rebellious. As the youngest member of the family, her quick-wittedness and tendencies for selfishness make her a highly loved character by many. Her trademark pink bunny-eared hat is particularly iconic for the show and allows for some recognizable costumes. 

Although she is always playing pranks and pursuing chaos wherever she goes, Louise can take responsibility when needed and is quite protective of her family. When it comes to bags, we believe that the Slinger will carry all of her tools for pranking, all while protecting whatever stash she carries with a durable, lightweight Hempster material. Our Aqua color is a unique mixture of blues, greens, and pinks which would pair nicely with the pink of Louise's pink hat and green dress. The Slinger is made for those always on the go, just like Louise. She would also personalize it with our Sirron Norris Bunny Pin to match those iconic pink bunny ears of hers, I mean it can’t get any more perfect than that!?

Tina Belcher | The Voyage Messenger in Cobalt 

Tina Belcher Bobs Burgers

As a quirky teenager with an intense interest in horses, butts, and boys, Tina Belcher represents the girl to teenager faze with social awkwardness and a desire to fit in. However, despite this, she is her own person, accepting her boy-craziness and naivety as part of her. With that recognizable monotone voice, Tina has a strong sense of right and wrong and has a personality all her own that’s undeniably lovable.

For someone with such an intense range of interests and skills, the Voyage Messenger meets those demands by providing a substantial amount of compartments, a durable Hempster material, and a padded laptop compartment for all her obsessions. She could easily take the Voyage Messenger to school and store whatever weird things she wants in its many pockets. The water resistant Cobalt color perfectly matches her navy blue skirt, so of course this would be the shade for her! Add on a Unicorn Patch and BAM, it’s accessorized perfectly to match her love of both horses and rainbows. 

Gene Belcher | The Slab Bag in Concrete 

Bobs Burgers Gene Belcher

Lastly, as the middle child of the family, Gene is the musical child, always bringing around his keyboard to create new sound effects and pester everyone around him. You can always count on him to crack some jokes (and farts). Shown as the typical 11-year-old boy, Gene has a flamboyant passion for fashion and art and has a free spirit that’s undeniably lovable.

As someone musical and the center of attention, the Slab Bag can carry his keyboard and other musical items so he could make his beloved fart music with ease. The Slab Bag features a sharp, professional look that will protect your electronics and make commutes simple while on the go. Gene could rock this backpack at school or on-the-go with his sisters on their strange adventures. As a lover of all things food, it was hard for us to pick out just ONE foodie patch for him but luckily we have a whole collection for this! We have a feeling his favorites would be the Donut and the Pizza Patch

Fun Fact:

Did you know that we’ve actually collaborated with an artist who assisted in creating Bob’s Burgers? Sirron Norris created the original backgrounds of the show and highlighted his signature style of the Victorian style San Francisco buildings. He also worked on some interior designs as well as the characters! Pretty dope right? We have an entire collection of Sirron Norris Dime Bags and accessories that you can shop! Bags, patches, pins, and rolling trays, you name it and we got it! Now you have a cool story to tell people when they see the unique accessories you’re reppin! 

If you like our selection of Dime Bags for these quirky, loveable characters, why not see what bag suits your style by purchasing one today!

October 21, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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