Best Dime Bags for Summer 2021

Best Bags for Summer

Damn, it’s almost June already? Summer is so close, we can almost feel it. Imagine this: warm sun on your skin, enjoying outdoor music, and maybe even a trip to the beach! With the seasons changing, it’s time to revamp your everyday bag. 🌞 

We have a bag for any of your summer needs. From trendy mini backpacks that are great for summer adventures, to smell proof bags to quiet your stash, we have options for all kinds of summer activities.  

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Fanny Packs - Convenient Travel Companions

Fanny Packs, waist bags, belt bags, belly bags - no matter what you call them, these hands-free bags are the perfect accessory for summer. Super practical, extremely functional, and EASY to carry your goods around. Can’t get much better than that! Especially for those summer days where you’re on-the-go, adventuring, or simply running errands. 

We have a Fanny Pack for every occasion. Going to a festival or concert? Check out our Party Pack! This style comes in a groovy, iridescent pink and a clear for those events that require see-through bags. 

For outdoor adventures that might get a little wet and wild, look no further than our water resistant options! Our Paradise Pack, Puff Pack, and Omerta Outfit are all water resistant belt bags that’ll keep your goods dry, and keep you lookin’ fly. If you’re wanting tropical vibes, check out the Paradise Pack for fun summer colors and patterns! The Outfit is also smell proof and lockable, so it’s a perfect option to hold your stash. 😎

Some of our most popular fanny packs are the Classic, and the Stash Pack. These babies are great everyday bag options, with a variety of Hempster colors that’ll look good with any outfit. ✌


Mini Backpacks - Hands-Free Everyday Bags

Who wants to carry a GIANT bag around all day? Hop on the Mini Backpack trend instead. You can keep all your favorite goodies in one of our badass mini backpacks. They’re cute, they’re convenient, and most importantly, they’re going to be your go-to bag this summer.

The great thing about Mini Backpack is that they make life a whole lot easier. You still have the room and organization for your goods, but you don't have to worry about being restricted by carrying a handbag. You can be wild and free this summer with our Mini Backpacks! Viral sensation, The Hot Box, is a fan favorite that we can barely keep in stock and for good reason. It’s a must have, and you’ll be sure to get some compliments while sporting it. 🎒

If you’re looking for something with a bit more organization, check out The Club Kid! Compact and light, this mini hemp backpack is the perfect grab-and-go bag that’ll keep all your stuff in place. It basically has a built-in wallet, so that’s pretty dope. 

Weekend getaways, beach trips, hikes, you name it, the Festy Bound and it’s lowkey, smell proof cousin, The Mini Molly, can do it! If you’re trying to keep your ish hush hush, we recommend The Mini Molly. This bag is easy on the eyes and even easier on the nose - perfect for festivals, concerts, day trips, and other live events. 🤫

Mini Backpacks

Smell Proof - Discreet Lifestyle Bags

Summer time, when the living’s easy. 🎶 Warmer weather is the best time to enjoy that special flower, but sometimes you want to keep it on the down-low. If low-key is more your style, you’re going to love these smell proof options.

You can NEVER go wrong with the All-In-One. This padded pouch comes with everything you need for a good summer night; a smell proof pocket, a rolling tray, and plenty of padded protection for your piece. The All-In-One comes in 4 different sizes and a TON of hempster color options. Easily toss this baby in your mini backpack or fanny pack to keep your ish smell proof and secure.

The Boss with Lock is a smokers’ BFF. This 100% smell proof bag is loaded with padded protection and equipped with a three-digit lock to keep your gear safe and sound. Not to mention, the exterior fabric is water resistant! Throw The Boss with Lock in any bag and be on your way to enjoy that reefer at the beach wherever your heart desires! 🏖

Whether you’re looking for a stylish crossbody, or a compact hiking bag, The Don is a functional and trendy option for you. The Don can be worn as a crossbody in the front, or swung around the back, either way, you’ll look badass. This bag is 100% smell proof, and 100% dope. There are SO many pockets, you’ll be able to organize all your necessities for any occasion. 🥦

Smell Proof Bags

Which Dime Bag will you be adding to your collection this summer? Let us know in the comments! ✌ 

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