Best Padded Cases for Bongs, Pipes, & Dab Rigs 2018

If you’re going to be active, you need to use protection. That means padded pouches for pipes, duffle tubes for glass bongs, and protective bags for dab rigs. Check out Dime Bags best protective cases for your pieces in 2018.

If I had a dime for every time I should’ve had a Dime Bags I’d have at least a few dollars. Glass pipes, bongs, and rigs are breakable. It’s the ultimate sin to break a bowl, but we have your salvation from eternal damnation. Check this list of the most protective and padded pipe bags on the planet and never cry over broken glass again.

Padded Pouch

The padded pouch is your basic necessity for protecting glass pipes and it comes in 18 different vibrant colors, so you can find one that matches your piece pretty easily. They’re made of our patented textile, Hempster, which is a unique blend of hemp and recycled polyester and come in enough sizes to fit any pipe, bubbler, or Sherlock.

Conversion Tube

The most epic of epic travel bags and perhaps the last one you’ll ever need to buy. Our conversion tubes feature pads to the gills for ultimate protection of your most prized pieces. When you’re transporting a giant bong or rig, this case converts into a travel bag perfect for any weekend warrior getaway.


The suitcase is a beautiful carrying bag for your favorite pipe or rig. It comes any many colors and sizes and is just the right blend of hard and soft. All of our bags feature interchangeable Velcro patches, but our suitcase is different. She likes pins like the ones we collected in grade school. Remember? Yeah, we don’t either.

Duffle Tube

Duffle Tube loves you more than you love yourself. The Duffle Tube is for when you need to get the job done right. A little bigger, a little more expensive, but when you need the perfect case for the perfect rig you should spare no expenses. Features include smell proof / spill proof clear polybag, heavy-duty zippers, and padded interior. It’s worth it and you will love it. Period.

Omerta Pouch

The term “Omerta” comes from the a 14th century Sicilian phrase that says, “He who is deaf, blind, and silent will live a hundred years in peace.” Omerta is the go-to smell-proof protective case for your stash and your glass. It features carbon-filter technology to keep even the stinkiest of stashes away from nosey-noses. It comes in enough sizes to fit whatever you be smoking.


The Bully is for those of you who need serious padded protection combined with functionality and utility. If batman had a utility bag instead of a utility belt, it would be The Bully. Quick! To The Dab-Mobile!


Dab tools, rigs, concentrates, dishes, mats, could there be any more pieces needed for dabbing? Well, yeah! You need somewhere to store and stash all that hash! The Magma is a dedicated dab station fit with plenty of pockets, storage, and smell proof / spill proof tech that will ensure an elevated and organized session every time.

Best Bong Bags and Padded Pipe Cases Ever

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