6 Dime Bags Perfect for Summer

Now that spring is officially here, it’s basically already summer… right? The sun is out and the flowers are blooming. Camping season is right around the corner and music festivals will be back in town before we know it. To help you prepare for your seasonal adventures, we’ve curated this list for you of 6 Dime Bags we think are perfect for the summer.

Hip Hugger

Like a good friend, the Hip Hugger stays right by your side at all times. This is your go-to bag for any hands-free adventure this summer. With three total pockets and heavy duty adjustable straps and buckles, it provides you with PLENTY of room for everything you might need. Keep your keys and phone safe in the exterior pockets, and store your stash in a secret hidden interior pocket. The Hip Hugger is a modern take on the classic Fanny Pack design. It’s fashionable and functional, making it the perfect Dime Bags product for hiking a mountain or dancing at a festival.

Fanny Pack

It may seem like the Fanny Pack and the Hip Hugger are at a constant battle to be Mom’s favorite, but we like to think of them more as BFFs who are always reminding each other of why they’re so great. Like the Hip Hugger, our Fanny Pack lets you be hands free so you can enjoy all those outdoor activities without the responsibility of lugging a bag around. This 1980s classic is big enough to fit all your modern day necessities, with dual adjustable straps for a comfy fit just for you. It’s also got one more zippered pocket than the Hip Hugger, making it the perfect summer bag for anyone who needs a little extra organizational space. It’s the ideal accessory for your next impromptu smoke adventure or nature walk.

10” All-In-One Pouch

The latest and greatest, our All-In-One Pouches are brand new to the Dime Bags crew. This guy comes with a hidden rolling tray, Omerta grade smell proof bag, and padded protection for glass pieces. When we say All-In-One, we really mean it! Bring your Pouch to any festival and we guarantee you’ll be everybody’s new best friend. It’s the perfect accessory for any road trip, making on-the-go rolling super easy and convenient. Better yet – it comes in 18 different Hempster colors and has an interchangeable Velcro label to let you show off some of your unique personality.

Club Kid

This mini hemp backpack is perfect for both daytime and nighttime adventures. It’s got a padded exterior pocket for holding your favorite bowl, or keep your credit card and ID in there for easy access – as the name implies, this bag is perfect for the nightclub. A large body pocket keeps things organized and easy to access, and adjustable shoulder straps guarantee all-day comfort. Throw on the Club Kid and forget about it (that is, until it’s time to blaze). We’ve even included a secret pocket for your secret belongings, making it easier for you to go about your everyday routines while also transporting your buds paranoia-free.

18” Conversion Tube

If you’re looking for something a bit roomier, our Conversion Tube is perfect for you. This bag takes functionality to the next level, with a removable padded insert – it’s perfect for protecting your camera gear during a photo shoot, or simply take it out to allow for more room to hold all your stuff for yoga class. With tons of pockets, storage space, and even straps to carry it around like a backpack, the Conversion Tube is here for you through it all. While you might not want to lug something so large around on your hiking trips, consider the Conversion Tube for your next overnight adventure.

The Bully

The Bully comes with unbelievable storage space. We’re talking five internal padded utility pockets, three interior zippered pouches, one external main body zippered pocket, an external pack panel zippered pocket, and even a silicone dab guard mat (don’t ever say we don’t love you). If you’re gonna invest in expensive, quality glass, you’ll want to make sure you have the gear to keep it safe – you can count on the Bully to get the job done. It’s perfect for long distance travel, but especially dab fans looking to share the love this summer.

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