6 Grassroots Hats That Perfectly Match Your Favorite Dime Bags

Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, Dime Bags and Grassroots. Some things are just made for each other. We share our retail locations in Denver and Chicago with Grassroots California, so it only makes sense to pair our favorite hats and bags together so you can update your wardrobe under the same roof! Don’t live in Denver or Chicago? No worries, you can order any time through the Dime Bags website (P.S. – we offer free shipping within the U.S. – always!) or the Grassroots page.

If you’re not already familiar with Grassroots, we’re sure you’ll love them just as much as we do. Just like us, Grassroots was founded in California as an alternative lifestyle brand and now operates out of Colorado. Grassroots shares the same values as our brand, which made this partnership the perfect match! We both value positive representation of cannabis, artist expression, protection of the environment, and we both have the absolute best fans around! Grassroots makes some of the most badass hats in the game. Here’s a couple favorites that match the Dime Bags you already know and love.

Aaron Brooks Melty Bear Fitted Hat + Club Kid Backpack 

This magenta Grassroots hat and Club Kid backpack are perfect for late night adventures.

Aaron Brooks is a Colorado artist who’s work focuses on these awesome melty characters. The pink bear front panels are surrounded by honey drips and bees for the super subtle dab reference and all around killer hat. Paired with our mini-backpack known as the Club Kid, this match was made to be.

17″ Duffle Tube + Retro Digitec Wingtip Fitted Hat

We love all things blue, and this hat and bag are no exception! The aztec pattern on this fitted hat compliments the duffle tube midnight color just right. Don’t miss the cutout pattern on the bill of the hat! Also, just like Dime Bags, all Grassroots hats have a secret compartment on the interior of the cap.

Good Livin Reversible Bucket Hat + Omerta Transporter

Good Livin Bucket Hat and The 100% Smell Proof Transporter are the vibe.

When it’s time to get down to business, the Good Livin Reversible Bucket hat and Transporter are your go-to looks. The Transporter is a 100% smell-proof bag with a lock on the zipper. Paired with the reversible bucket hat this combo is perfect for showing ’em who’s boss.

8th Anniversary Aztec Strapback Hat + 18″ Conversion Tube 

This Grassroots Aztec hat and Conversion Tube are the perfect match.

We love this super rad strapback hat with our Conversion Tube! The tan colors compliment each other while the maroon and grey pop behind the bear emblem for a look that you can wear everyday. Our Conversion Tube has a removable padding insert so you can transport your larger glass pieces with ease or remove the padding and use the bag as a backpack with extra space.

Fanny Pack + 9th Anniversary Ocean Dad Hat

This fanny pack and dad hat are made for each other.

Need some festival outfit inspiration? The Fanny Pack and 9th Anniversary Ocean Dad Hat combine functionality and fresh looks for a weekend-ready vibe. Keep the sun off your face and your gear close by with this perfect summer combo.

Flower of Life Tie Dye Snapback Hat + Small Multi-Purpose

This Flower of Life Tie Dye Hat and Small Multi-Purpose are the perfect pair.

Zen out in the Flower of Life Snapback and Small Multi Purpose purse in purple. Like most Grassroots hats, this snapback has an insanely intricate pattern on the interior of the hat, a sweet secret treat for the person who wears it!

Interested in the hat and bag shown at the top of this article? You can find the 10″ Orange Padded Pouch here and the Skateboard Bear Nugs and Bolts Black Hemp Snapback here.

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