Cannabis 101: What is a Thai Stick?

With the recent wave of legalization in the US another method has found its way to the US.  This method hails from Thailand and has been held as a sort of mythical holy grail of weed.  This version is, of course, the Cannabis Thai Stick.

What Is A Cannabis Thai Stick

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that a Thai Stick is some form of strange explosive or an exotic and ultimately dangerous drug.  It’s name certainly has that kind of air to it.  Instead, the Thai Stick is a representative of one of the oldest forms of marijuana consumption in the world, tracing its history across millennia to Thailand. A Cannabis Thai Stick is made by piercing whole buds on a bamboo skewer and then wrapping it in a rich dense fiber that can be extracted from the stalk of the plant.  The next step of the process is a slow decarboxylation over a fire to eek out the majority of the moisture and, incidentally, prepare it to produce a better high.  If this drying process isn’t handled properly it can be impossible to light the Thai Stick. The best Thai Sticks take the process another step further, dipping the entire thing in hash oil to produce a high that’s out of this world.  Thailand sells these everywhere, with vendors cropping up with their own variety of bud and design of Thai stick. Thai Stick process

Some Facts About Thai Sticks

Thai Sticks used to be a very popular way to consume herb all over the world, but that popularity has waned for a variety of reasons.  Topmost of the list of reasons is the questionable legality of marijuana throughout the world.  This interfered with the ability of the Thai Sticks to be transported and traded.  Another element that led to a decline in their popularity was a matter of efficiency.  When you’re smoking a Thai Stick you’re imbibing whole buds wrapped in a fibrous shell.  This isn’t nearly as efficient as ground bud packed into a bowl or rolled into a joint. This ancient method of smoking marijuana is seeing a resurgence as legalization sweeps the United States.  In spite of its inefficiency, it has an ancient mystique that makes dedicated smokers want to be able to share in the experience and brag about having done so.  Dime Bag loves tradition, and when you’re carrying something as big as a Thai Stick only our containers are heart enough to get it safely to the party.  The Omerta line will keep these pungent sticks safely tucked away so it doesn’t ruin the surprise when you pull it out and watch everyone’s eyes get three-days high.   Thai Stick 2

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