5 Uses for the Conversion Tube

Calling all bag lovers! In case you haven’t noticed, we are obsessed with bags. We strive to make the best bags out of our signature Hempster fabric. Hempster is a versatile textile that is a blend of hemp and recycled polyester. Like our Hempster textile, we made a versatile backpack that can be used in a variety of ways. The Conversion Tube is a great choice for those who are always on the go and want one bag to suit all their needs. We have made this list of the 5 of the best uses for our Conversion Tube, which highlight its versatility. Check out our 5 uses for the Conversion Tube below. 

Transport Glass

Our Conversion Tube is specifically designed to safely transport any glass piece, whether it be large or small. If you are looking for comfort and ease, this backpack comes with a complete padded insert that can ensure the safety of your expensive glass piece. No matter if you pipe is large or small, our padding will ensure a snug hug to protect your piece from breaking. Our bags come in both an 18” and a 23” sizes. With multiple pockets, our Conversion Tube is sure to fit and organize all your belongings.

Dime Bags Bong Bag

Snap a Pic

Versatility is the definition of our Conversion Tube backpack. If you are not transporting a glass piece and need more space, the padding insert of the Conversion Tube can be quickly and easily removed. Aside from transporting your glass piece, our backpack is perfect for carrying and protecting a camera tripod and camera gear. You can be sure your tripod and gear is safely protected with our Conversion Tube, allowing you to focus on snapping pictures to add to your memories.

Dime Bags Camera Bag


If toting around your camera tripod isn’t enough, our Conversion Tube can also be used to transport your yoga mat and other gym accessories. There’s no need to fumble at the gym trying to juggle all of your belongings when our Conversion Tube can keep everything organized and in place. Similar to the camera tripod, the padded insert can be removed and in its place you can squeeze in your yoga mat.

Dime Bags Yoga Bag

Sense of Security

If you do happen to be transporting some herb, you can be sure with our Conversion Tube detection is not a worry. Our bag comes with one of our smell proof pouches. Our pouches come in a small and large size and both easily fit the 18” and 23” Conversion Tube. If you would like to be even more discreet when transporting your goods, the Conversion Tube has a 2 secret utility pockets. With both the smell proof pouches and secret pockets, you can be sure to have the security of carrying your goods without drawing unwanted attention.

Dime Bags Padded Bag

Everyday Use

What makes our Conversion Tube stand out and stay true to its nature is its versatility. Whether you want to go on a hiking adventure in the mountains or stick to the city, our bag can suit all your needs. You can easily go from one activity to another with our Conversion Tube. In the morning you can head out to yoga with your mat in tow and in the afternoon, you can safely carry your glass piece to any location. The placement or removal of our padded insert gives you the flexibility to fit any and everything in our backpack.

You can view the 18″ Conversion Tube here, and the 23″ Conversion Tube here!

Travel at ease with our Conversion Tube! If you already use our Conversion Tube, let us know in the comments below and share this article with someone who should see the versatility of our bag!

Dime Bags Conversion Tube

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