Dime Bags Rewards

How to Sign Up for Dime Bags Rewards

Dime Bags Rewards

If you’re new to the Dime Bags world or even if you’ve been a fan for years, you may not have realized that Dime Bags has a reward program! We love having each and every one of you as fans and want to make sure that you get rewarded when you order from our site, refer your friends, and even celebrate your birthday!

It's very easy to sign up and start earning points toward big rewards on DimeBags.com. You can even earn a free patch when you send a friend our way; how dope is that? Customize that new Dime Bag for free through the friend referral program. 

When you visit our website on either desktop or mobile, you will see a green shopping bag icon pop up on the bottom left-hand side that mentions “Rewards.”


Dime Bags Rewards Icon on Mobile



Dime Bags Rewards Desktop Icon

Click on the reward icon and log in or create a rewards account. You will receive 100 points for just signing up! 

Additional Ways to Earn Points

  • 5 points for every dollar spent on DimeBags.com
  • 50 points when you follow us on Instagram through the rewards app
  • 200 points when your birthday rolls around, as long as you update your birthday 30 days in advance
    Ways to Earn Referral Rewards 
    • Earn $5 (aka a patch!) when you send a friend a referral link
    • Friend also receives $5 when you send them the link

      That’s all there is to it. When you go to purchase through the same linked email address, you’ll be gaining points every time you buy! Lastly, we want to tell you how and when you can expect to use your points you’ve been earning. 

      Reward Tiers

      • 600 Points = $6 off coupon OR Free Shipping
      • 1000 Points = $10 off coupon 
      • 2000 Points = $20 off coupon 

      When you’ve accumulated enough points and are ready to spend them, login to your rewards on the website, and click “Redeem.” You will then be taken to a page that shows the coupon code with an “Apply Code” button which will automatically apply that code at checkout.

      If you haven't made a customer profile on DimeBags.com yet, you can do so here, and start your rewards journey today!