Shop of the Month – June

Nestled in the forested hills found in the southwest corner of Vermont is the historic town of Bennington.  With its incredible winters and warm relaxing summers, it’s a great vacation spot for families looking for a place with history.  In the area, you’ll find historical museums, one of the best preserved Victorian mansions in the country, and a monument to a decisive battle that took place during the American Revolution.  You’ll find a testament to another more recent struggle here as well in the form of Vermont Green Grow Wellness Center.

When proprietors Rebecca, Tom, and Bernie Barrier first set up Vermont Green Grow, they had done it with one thought in mind.  They were driven to improve patient access to marijuana by ensuring that the list of qualifying conditions was expanded to include those they knew were aided by CBD.  Their extensive knowledge and experience helped Vermont cannabis advocates successfully reach this goal, and in July of 2018, Vermont Green Grow Wellness Center opened its doors as a dispensary.

CBD has been shown to provide significant relief from a variety of conditions that include anxiety, epilepsy, depression, and chronic pain, to name a few.  Every day this team works to find new strains that will help with conditions their customers face and have even expanded their line to include products for animals.  CBD is an incredible and universal medicine that can provide aid to all of the world’s creatures.

Among their products, you’ll find a line of teas that are packed with CBD to deliver your daily dose in a warm and comforting cup of tea.  There are nine total flavors that they offer, including Mystic Kava Root, Golden Dream, Cosmic Cleanse, and Chai Awakening to get you started.  All of their products get tested for quality, so you know you’re getting a quality experience from everything Vermont Green Grow has to offer.

Among the products available for pets you’ll find an entire line of CBD infused products.  These range from KOI Dog Treats to the Kush Queen Tangle Shower Gel.  All of these deliver a dose of CBD to your pets that will help soothe their nerves and calm even the most anxious of pets.  They carry an extensive line of King Kalm products, all geared towards your four-footed friends that will ensure they can relax and enjoy the day right alongside you.

When you stop in be sure to ask them about the Dime Bags line of products.  Recognizing their quality Vermont Green Grow carries these to ensure their patients have a great way of transporting their supply and equipment with them.  If you’re looking for a caring shop that knows its business, you can’t do much better than to stop in and see the Barriers shop.  With years of experience and a passion for championing their community, you’ll know you’re going to get the best support around.

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