Shop of the Month – April

Healdsburg, California is located in Sonoma County, or better known to the world as California’s Wine Country. This small tourist-oriented town is huge on local eats. They’ve got tons of artisan bakeries and, as expected, wine bars that use ingredients from Healdsburg’s gardens and farms. It’s also home to our Shop of the Month, VaPin’Up.

Now in their sixth year, Troy and Devon Scribner opened VaPin’Up – a brick-and-mortar vape store – back in December 2013. They named their store VaPin’Up as a sort of a clever “play on words”: one, because they love pin-up girls and that style of the era; and two, of course, because they are a vape store!  They wanted their store to feel like the old days and welcoming to all.  We think their theme does just that.


Healdsburg is a quaint, picturesque, small town located about a 90 minute drive north of San Francisco, with a population of just over 11,000.  Healdsburg boasts many wineries, culinary delights, boutique shops and is a travel destination for a huge array of audiences.  VaPin’Up is the one and only vape store in town, and there will be no more!  While they cannot sell cannabis due to city ordinances and legal restrictions, they do have a great selection of 420 and 710 glass pieces and tools, and the shop owners are constantly adding more products.  They offer great prices on quality goods – both name brands and local artisans. Recently, VaPin’Up also added a large assortment of Dime Bags merchandise to their product line-up.

VaPin’UpWhether you need vape juice, salt-nic e-liquid, disposable e-cigs (like Fogg or Mojo), mods, pods and pod units, batteries, chargers, glass rigs, pipes, rolling papers, rolling trays, cutting trays, dab tools, glass cleaners, topical CBD body products, CBD edibles, CBD vape liquid, or maybe a Dime Bags to carry your goods in – they have it all!

VaPin’Up’s knowledgeable, helpful staff is here at your service seven days a week, from 11 in the morning until 7 at night. Bonus: you can expect to be greeted by Rolly, their long-time employee Megan’s sweet, friendly dog. From start to finish, your trip to VaPin’Up is guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience.

A little history on legal weed in Healdsburg: Cali was the first state to legalize medical cannabis use in 1996, and voters approved a ballot measure to legalize recreational use in 2016 through Proposition 64.

However, Healdsburg itself outlawed cannabis dispensaries from operating within the city back in 2007. So while it’s legal to have and use weed when visiting Healdsburg, there’s no place to legally purchase it. Keep in mind that in Sonoma County, residents can’t have more than an ounce on them at a time, or grow more than six plants. While adults can legally smoke it, you can’t operate a vehicle if you’ve been smoking, and using pot in public is still prohibited.

Pick up a Dime Bags at VaPin’Up to keep your stash on the low. Get familiar with the laws, follow ‘em, and have yourself a (legal) good time.

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