Shop of the Month – March

Trinidad, Colorado is just north of the New Mexico border. It’s along the Santa Fe Trail and was home to trappers and traders back in the 1800s – real cowboy, gun slinging stuff. It’s a place full of natural beauty, rich history, and, being in Colorado, weed culture. It’s also home to our Shop of the Month, Trinidad’s Higher CBD & Oxygen Bar.

In April 2016, the owners opened up their first CBD shop, Studio D’Arte, in an effort to serve both out-of-state and local customers the best CBD products on the market. Over the course of time, it became clear that many visitors from out of town would get altitude sickness (Trinidad, after all, is over 6,000 feet above sea level), leading Studio D’Arte to add an oxygen bar – basically, people can inhale pure oxygen here, which is known to have tons of therapeutic effects similar to CBD.

Two years later in August 2018, the owners moved the CBD shop location from Commercial Street to 500 W. Main Street – and rebranded themselves to Trinidad’s Higher CBD & Oxygen Bar, the same brand as their recreational and medical dispensary that opened in November 2014 under the name Trinidad’s Higher Calling U.

Also known as THCBD & Oxygen Bar, customers are able to shop for products from the privacy of their own home, use a major credit card, and receive products by mail. Their mission is to provide the highest quality of all products for all of their customers.

THCBD & Oxygen bar is cool because they specialize in CBD products, and specifically, only hemp-derived CBD. This means that all their products are legal throughout the United States, so no matter where you are in the country, they can ship it straight to your doorstep. Since their CBD comes from hemp, it has a max THC content of 0.3%, and there’s no chance of you getting stoned. CBD that comes from cannabis, on the other hand, can have wayyyy higher levels of THC, so it’s only legal in a few states right now.

Not only do they carry CBD products, but they also carry many big name brands and have tons of deals on glass pieces, rolling papers, clothing, jewelry, books, and way more – it’s like a playground for grownups, or Disney on a budget.

One of the coolest things about Trinidad’s Higher CBD & Oxygen Bar is that they are super picky about what they carry, so they only provide their customers with quality products that are full of medicinal effects. CBD has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and this place carries it all – from CBD honey to hemp extract tea, and they even have CBD treats for your fur babies!

In between your trips to the art galleries, museums, and historical landmarks of Trinidad, be sure to stop into Trinidad’s Higher CBD & Oxygen Bar for some great products at reasonable prices. The staff is knowledgeable, it’s a friendly environment, and they’ve got a great selection of Dime Bags merchandise that you can keep your new CBD swag in. Check it out today!



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