Shop of the Month – Magic Man Costume and Fun Shop

Shop of the Month is an ongoing series featuring various retail locations that carry Dime Bags. These shops go above and beyond in customer service and selection. They make us proud to have our name and brand on display. If you have a favorite local store that sells Dime Bags, let us know via Facebook or Instagram direct messages.  

Magic Man is one of the most unique head shops we’ve seen. Starting as a magic shop and transforming into a costume and fun shop with a full head shop in each location, Magic Man offers a ton of unique gifts, for hippies and cannabis lovers alike, including Dime Bags under one roof. Check out a message this message from a Magic Man employee, and if you’re in the Oregon area, stop in and say hello.

“The Magic Man stores started in 1982 as a magic/novelty shop in downtown Medford, Oregon. The original owner Dale was a serious magician with very little outlet for his talents, so he moved to Reno, Nevada to be closer to the action. After his daughter took over, she began to offer costumes and accessories for Halloween and the Magic Man Fun and Costume Shop was born. After competing in a mall environment, she was looking to sell.

My boss then purchased all store stock and moved to Bear Creek Plaza in Medford and we are still there to this day. We started a new store in 2009 in Grants Pass and then another store in Downtown Grants Pass in 2013. All three are still going strong in a VERY competitive area.

We sell an amazing array of products, including a full adult/smoke shop in each store. We also have disc golf equipment, body jewelry, swords/knives/self-defense items, gift items, novelties and over the hill/turning 21 stuff and YES costumes/accessories and magic tricks! Including the best make-up and wig selections in the Rogue Valley!

Our smoke shops are unequaled in the area (a hotbed of cannabis activity) and we specialize in locally made glass and specifically sourced kratom and herbal products. We also sponsor many local events and sell tickets to their shows.

Our stores have sold Dime Bag products since their inception along with other Head Choice distributed gear. The more stuff we got from them, the more it SOLD!! So now we have an extensive display of bags, pouches and other gear from these folks. Still selling well!

We are very dedicated to bringing the best “heady gear” into our valley and honored to be shop of the month! Long may your freak flag fly, Dime Bags!”

Magic Man Fun Shops:

880 Biddle Rd. Medford, OR 97504

1867 Redwood Ave. Grants Pass, OR 97526

216 SW G St. Grants Pass, OR 97525

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