Shop of the Month – 42 Degrees

Shop of the Month is an ongoing series featuring various retail locations that carry our brand — Dime Bags. These shops go above and beyond in customer service and selection. They make us proud to have our name and brand on display. If you have a favorite local store that sells Dime Bags, let us know via Facebook or Instagram direct messages.  

When you think “Omaha, Nebraska,” you probably don’t think about herb. What used to be a farm town has now become a growing city, headquartering four of the Fortune 500 companies. Known for the invention of bobby pins and Top 40 radio playlists, Omaha is also home to our shop of the month: 42 Degrees.

42 Degrees Pipes and Tobacco, founded in 2012, has 7 locations in Omaha, Ralston and Council Bluffs. Their philosophy has always been to carry a wide array of exciting and innovative products unique to the industry, as well as to provide superior customer service to their clients. 42 Degrees carries the highest quality smoking products – from vaporizers to customer water pipes to one-of-a-kind collector pieces, this shop’s got it all. They have hand pipes, concentrated rigs, dabbing accessories, electronic cigarettes, and premium E-juices to match. 42 Degrees is actually one of the largest distributors of quality Kratom products, too.

If you visit one of their locations and don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, don’t sweat it. Their staff does their best to get it for you. Their prices are competitive and they even offer one-day super sales along with tons of other opportunities to save money throughout the year.

Their staff is dedicated to make your shopping experience at 42 Degrees a truly memorable one. They travel extensively to find the newest and hottest products on the market so that you know you have a unique or one-of-a-kind item.


Keep in mind that while Nebraska has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of weed, it’s still not legal – either recreationally or medicinally. Having under an ounce on you will end up in a $300 fine. We don’t suggest you break the law or anything, but if you’re going to… do it safely and pick up some Dime Bags merchandise to keep your stash safe and scent-free.

Nebraska is the neighbor to cannabis capital Colorado, the first state that made adult use of weed legal. They’ve seen how sales can bolster the state economy, so it comes to no surprise that a Nebraska State Senator, Anna Wishart, plans on introducing a medical cannabis bill early next year. Recent polls actually show that 77% of Nebraska voters support medical marijuana. So pick up your Dime Bags, go to the polls, and get ready for the US to progress even further into the awesome world of legal weed.

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