A Day in Chicago — Things to Do Near Our Store

Chicago is the home to deep-dish pizza, the Sears Tower, and tons of great entertainment, dining, and shopping for day explorers! This article gives you things to do on a day trip to Chicago that are actually fun and interesting, especially if youre blazed.

Millennium Park

It doesn’t matter who you are or how stoned you get, don’t go to Chicago for the day without hitting up Millennium Park. It’s a public park home to the famous “bean” or “cloud gate” with awesome architecture, sights, and sounds that will surely capture your short-term attention.

Sears Tower

If you really want to get high in Chicago you need to go to the Sky deck of Sears Tower, which is actually the Willis Tower. Located on the 103rd floor of the building it’s literally a transparent ledge for photo ops and terrifying views.

If you don’t really want to wait in line to get high, you can just cruise on over to one of Chicago’s awesome local record stores. There’s bound to be some pushers hanging around anywhere there’s dope music.

Café Baba Reeba

We love this restaurant for early evening drinks and appetizers. It’s a got lively Spanish vibe and a super dope selection of wine and small plates for sharing. Only open after 4 pm, this is a must stop for any foodie craving quality over quantity.

If you’d prefer something more bizarre that appeases your strange cravings that occur after a couple dabs then check out this list of best stoner dishes in Chicago. Please try the Bomboloni at Bombo Bar!

Chicago Has Beaches?

Yeah! They’re actually pretty awesome and unexpected. Catch a break from the heat of the Windy City and cruise down to one of Chicago’s many beaches. We recommend Ohio Street Beach because of Caffe Oliva’s dank fish tacos set to the backdrop of the downtown.

Head Shops & Dime Bags

There are more than a dozen awesome head shops near our store on North Halsted Dr. Check out the Burn Up 420 for some pretty dope deals on all kinds of water pipes, bubblers, bongs, and dab rigs.

Once you’ve made your selection cruise on down to our Dime Bags shop! It’s a great place to get some trendy apparel and a protective case for your new piece. Already have a piece? Looking for a protective case for your massive bong or dab rig? Perhaps you need a tiny little hard case for your favorite spoon or Sherlock?

Dime Bags has all kinds of dope cases and bags for any kind of pipe or bong you need to protect. We craft our cases using Hempster, our own patented Hemp textile and line them with carbon filter technology to make them 100% smell proof. Plus, we give you spill proof poly bags inside with copious amounts of pockets for storing your hash oil, dab tools, or stanky stash.

Enjoy your day trip to Chicago and make sure to stop by our shop after cruising through all the iconic tourist destinations and also the not-so-known gems that Chicago has to offer. Thanks for reading!

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