Artist Spotlight: Dylan Montayne

We’re hosting Dylan Montayne’s album release party November 30th from 7-10 pm at our Denver store –– 846 N Santa Fe Drive.

Here at Dime Bags we’re all about unique artists, from the amazing artistic apparel of Grassroots California who we partner with to truly creative musicians, we value true talent. That’s why we’re proud to present one artist that stands out, Dylan Montayne.

Dylan Montayne’s Musical Journey

Dylan Montayne is a fiercely talented, independent rapper, singer, musician, and producer. He’s been making waves with his contest-winning song through Divine Tracks, “Blow My High” (feat. Reve Kalell & Nema), and his unforgettable YouTube video that went viral in 2016, “Uber driver raps for car full of babes.” He’s been praised for his fresh approach and creative storytelling through his lyrics. He’s also been described and admired from celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, George Takei, and Lil Wayne as an artist with mad “skills and chutzpah.”

Known as the hotbed of creative arts and unique architecture, Dylan grew up in the small city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He started his rollercoaster musical journey at the age of 5, when his dad brought home an old drum set for him to play around on. He quickly fell in love with all things music and took drumming seriously.

It wasn’t until high school that he started dabbling in freestyle rap with friends. People soon began to notice his creative ability to write and deliver precise flow in his lyrical storytelling. In college, he began recording and aggressively pursuing a career in hip hop, which ultimately led him to trading his drums for a microphone… literally!

Dylan soon outgrew Santa Fe and decided to move to a bigger art-supporting city, Denver, Colorado. There, he’s been able to focus on his hip hop career and has released several songs that are quickly garnering attention. He’s shared the stage with a number of iconic rappers such as Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Big Sean, and Lupe Fiasco; and is now teaming up with us, Dime Bags, for the release of his new album “Rebecca Lane”.

Be the First to Hear “Rebecca Lane”

It’s a listening party you don’t want to miss! That’s why we’re offering absolutely FREE entry, with sweet sounds from local DJ Willbeaux, and of course, the one and only Dylan Montayne. We’re also offering free beer and food from Cheba Hut.

Awesome music, free beer, and free food. Who the hell wouldn’t wanna come to that? So come on out on November 30th from 7-10pm at our Denver store, 846 N Santa Fe Drive, for a listening party you won’t forget!

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