Our Top 10 Favorite Patches

Shhh… don’t tell the others.

One of our favorite features about each Dime Bag is the ability to customize the logo patch! You can pop it off for discretion, switch it out for whatever mood you’re in, and best of all, you can collect them! Here are our top 10 favorite patches we have… but who’s picking favorites anyway? Just don’t tell the others.

1. Sirron Norris SupDog Patch – Okay, this one was too easy. Sirron Norris, the famous San Francisco street artist and original background artist for Bob’s Burgers, teamed up with Dime Bags to create a one-of-a-kind SupDog patch. We’ve got a bear Sirron Norris patch as well, but this classic cartoon dog face takes the cake. 

2. Colorado Flag Patch – Is it cheating if it’s our own home state? The Colorado Flag Patch is a classic. As if you haven’t told everyone already, you’re from Colorado. Like – not in an annoying transplant way – you’re totally a native and proud of it.

3. Dab Time Patch – It’s 4:20! Or is it 7:10? Who cares. Any time is dab time with the “It’s about Dab Time” Patch. Let ‘em know you’re down for whatever…whenever.


4. Mile High Hamsa – Mile High city skies + hamsa = perfection. The hamsa is a symbol of protection, and who doesn’t need that? The light tan matches with almost any Dime Bag as well. Perfect for the fashion-forward toker.


5. Pride Patch – Who doesn’t love rainbows? Show your support for the LGBTQ community with the patch that matches with literally every color…because it has every color. As it should.


6. Warrant Patch – This one speaks for itself. The Come Back with a Warrant Patch does all the talking for you. You know your rights, and now, your bag does too.


7. Zen Circle – Forget yoga, all you have to do is stare into the patch and inner peace is achieved. Well, close enough. This stone gray patch with a brushed Zen circle is simplistic yet sophisticated, just like you.


8. Alien Patch – There’s just something about those buggy eyes and huge head that we love. If you’re a way-out guy or gal and find yourself wondering if you were born on the wrong planet – this patch is for you.


9. California Flag Patch – We gotta show love to our West Coast Dime Bag family. The classic California flag never goes out of style. So what if you’re not from Cali? We like bears, what can we say?


10. Speak No Evil Omerta Patch – You talkin’ to me? Didn’t think so. Upgrade your Omerta Dime Bags by sporting the Speak No Evil Monkey Omerta Patch.


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  • I wish you would make patches to match the green bags


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