The Newest Dime Bags to Join the Collection

Dime Bags is proud to announce three new bags from its collection. Each of these bags is created using high-quality materials, so they'll last under hard use, and come with the same level of craftsmanship you've learned to expect from Dime Bags. Whether you're heading out to the latest festival or getting away from it all on some distant forest trails, these bags will provide great options for bringing your supplies along. Prepare for the festival season ahead or just for getting through the rigors of day to day life in style with this selection of Dime Bags.

Slab Bag

The slab bag is the perfect carrying solution for bringing a laptop along on your journeys. This 18x13x4in bag comes in a selection of five colors, including cobalt, sand, concrete, gray, and stylish black. All aspects of its design hold to the Dime Bag standards of quality and maintain our signature style. The velcro label helps you stealth out and personalize your bag, while the smell-spill proof poly bag maintains your privacy while on the go. Find seven different compartments inside to sort out your load, protected by heavy-duty zippers, and made easy to carry thanks to the contoured shoulder straps.

Voyage Messenger

This design is perfect for those looking for a quick and convenient bag to load up and bounce out on the weekends coming adventures. Its messenger bag design provides ample internal space for storing and carrying supplies, and the hempster material ensures lasting durability you can count on. The flap folds over to get secured into place with a couple of clasps, while the shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry even when fully loaded. Like all our designs, it comes with an internal smell and spill-proof bag that will help you remain discreet while on the go.

City Dweller

Sometimes what you need is a backpack you can throw over your shoulders when heading out to see what the city holds. The City Dweller backpack has everything you need for a day out on the town. The hempster material ensures it will put up with the rigors of city life, while the padded compartment helps protect your electronics (and glassware!) from damage while on the go. The heavy-duty zippers provide access to seven separate zipper compartments of various sizes to help you keep the contents organized. Get it in one of several colors, including aqua, black, midnight, red, silver, and stunning glass.

Dime Bags' newest bags are part of our continuing commitment to providing our customers with the best travel bags on the market. Made from sustainable materials and designed to meet the particular needs of the ganja community, each and every one of them is a piece you can be proud to own. You can count on their durable construction to make them an investment you can count on using for years to come.

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