10 Surprising Facts About Cannabis

You might be familiar with the basics of cannabis – sativa, indica, THC, CBD – but there’s probably a lot of weird facts that you wouldn’t even imagine to be true. Here’s a list of our 10 favorite facts about cannabis.

Our Founding Fathers grew hemp

Cannabis culture in America basically started at its foundation. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both grew hemp on their plantations. While it was still just a colony, Great Britain ordered colonists to grow the crop due it its many uses (check some out here). In fact, some sources report that the Declaration of Independence was written on paper made of hemp. In a way, cannabis is basically what got America started…right?

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the USA

Colorado first legalized recreational cannabis use in 2014, and since then, the legal cannabis market has skyrocketed. Some sources project that if it becomes legal in all 50 states, the cannabis industry will actually become larger than the organic food market.

Cannabis was the first item sold over the Internet

The details are unclear, but many reports say that in 1971 or 1972, students from Stanford used an early form of the Internet (“Arpanet”) to buy some buds from their buds at MIT. Before the days of Amazon and The Dark Net, e-commerce started with prestigious college students being, well, typical college kids.

The United States Pharmacopeia had cannabis listed as a medicine for almost 100 years

From 1850 to 1942, it was deemed a useful medicine for nausea, labor pains, and rheumatism. It could be found and easily purchased at just about any local pharmacy or general store – creating the perfect combination of CVS and dispensaries.

Overdosing on cannabis is virtually impossible

Get this: someone would have to smoke over 1,500 pounds of cannabis (the weight of a cow) within 15 minutes (half a sitcom episode) in order to die from a lethal dose. If Tommy Chong hasn’t been able to do this yet, the rest of us should be in the clear.

Cannabis grows in any type of environment

It can grow up to 18 feet in height, and in perfect conditions, one or two inches each day. They tend to grow faster outdoors, and indicas especially thrive in northern environments – cold weather at harvesting time is actually the reason some indica buds are purple!

The US government used cannabis as a truth serum

During World War II, government officials would add cannabis to cigarettes and give them to detainees so they would be more apt to spill secret information. There’s no proof that a spliff actually led to answers, but the detainees were probably way calmer about the whole “detained” situation.

The DEA seized over 100,000 pounds of cannabis in 2014

More than 163,000 pounds, to be exact, and just four years ago. To break it down, that’s 72 million grams – that’s like the government taking a joint from one out of every four US citizens (or, as we just learned, enough weed to kill over 100 people).

Habitual smokers take in 600 more calories every day

While it’s a fact that cannabis can give you the munchies, it also speeds up your metabolism. You might be pigging out more, but you’re also digesting all those chips and candy bars faster than your typical non-smoker. Thank you, Mary Jane!

Prohibition costs the federal government an annual $20 billion

If cannabis were legalized, America would actually save over $40 billion each year. Drug abuse would go down, the number of overall arrests would shrink, and there’d be tons of tax revenue going straight to the government’s pockets.

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