Save on Your Favorites This 420

Do you know how much we love our customers here at Dime Bags? Pretty much as much as we love 4/20 (which, to clarify, is A LOT). To celebrate both the best day of the year and the best customers in the world, Dime Bags will be having a special 4/20 sale from April 18 to April 21!


Spend $25+, Get 20% off with code: PINNER
Spend $50+, Get 25% off with code: JOINT
Spend $100+, Get 35% off with code: BLUNT

Spend $25, Get 20% Off – Our Favorite Picks

To cash in on this sweet deal, check out our brand new 8” All-In-One Pouch! This guy lives up to its name, and it really does offer you a little bit of everything. First of all, it comes with a hidden pouch so you can carry around a rolling tray with you comfortably (rolling tray also included – you’re welcome!) In the mood to smoke a bowl rather than roll up a joint? No prob. The All-In-One also has padded protection to keep your glass gear safe and sound. To top it all off, we’ve even included an Omerta grade smell-proof pocket to seal your stash. With all these features plus 20% off, how can you say no?

Need a bit more space? Check out our 10” Duffle Tube. Not only is this bag stylish and functional, but it’s also lined with shed proof velour and is heavily padded to ensure your valuables stay in one piece. It’s also got heavy duty zippers, and interior and exterior pockets for easy and organized storage. Whether transporting your fragile bong to a festival or looking for a new camera bag, the Duffle Tube remains one of our fan favorites.

Spend $50, Get 25% Off – Our Favorite Picks

The more you spend, the more your save! To cash in on this deal, check out our new Omerta Soldier. Reporting for duty, The Soldier is our toughest bag yet. With a rigid smell proof exterior and layers of pick and pull foam, this bag is ready for any battle it may face – including at the airport. It comes with TSA approved locking zippers for an extra layer of protection. Nothing gets in, and nothing gets out.

If you’re looking for something more practical for daily use, you’ll want to pick up an Urban Tote while the deal’s still going on. The Tote is loaded with storage space – we’re talking EIGHT POCKETS – including a secret zippered pocket along the inner cotton lining for your buds. Whether on a shopping spree in the city or prepping for a beach day, the Urban Tote will soon be your new favorite day-to-day accessory.

Spend $100, Get 35% Off – Our Favorite Picks

Been wanting to splurge a little but couldn’t justify it? Here’s your perfect excuse to finally get yourself that new bag! Fans of dabs need to check out The Magma during this sale. The Transformers of bags, the Magma unzips to turn into a portable dab station! With four external pockets and seven internal padded utility pouches, all your torches, dabbers, buckets, wax, rigs, and more will be kept safe and sound in this durable, easy to carry case. It’s even got a silicon dab guard mat for mess-free cleanup!

The Omerta Cleaner is our smell proof and locking duffle bag that can fit 10 lbs. of herb in it. With a smell proof carbon filter lining and set of keys to lock the zipper, this is one of the biggest and baddest bags we have. Now’s the best time to save on the Omerta series.

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