Meet the Multi-Purpose Crossbody

Say Hello to Your New Every Day Bag

Multi-Purpose Crossbody New Dime Bag

We can’t tell you how often we’ve heard “When will the Multi-Purpose be back in stock?” 

“Any news on that three-zippered crossbody bag?” 

“I NEED that Multi-Purpose in purple, when will it be back?” Well, do we have exciting news for you! We revamped this highly anticipated bag to be bigger, better, and more stylish than ever. 

Wondering what the differences are and why we think you’ll LOVE the new Multi-Purpose Crossbody? Check out the breakdown below!

New Color Combinations in Hempster

One of the most exciting updates to the Multi-Purpose Crossbody is the blending of a popular static color with Dime Bags’ classic original Hempster color. The everyday bag is available in two sizes and five colors, two colors are exclusive to the size. For those who prefer more neutral colors, we have the Static Black paired with our Grey Hempster and Concrete paired with Black Hempster. If having a more colorful bag is your flavor, we have Static Pink with Pink Hempster and two new Static Colors - Red and Purple - paired with their Hempster counterparts. 

Multi-Purpose Crossbody Bag in new Hempster Colors

Four Compartments for Plenty of Space

With four main compartments and our legendary secret pocket, this crossbody purse will be the perfect go-to bag for anyone and everyone. The revamped bag’s longest compartment folds over and secures with magnets, giving this shoulder bag a unique, new feel and capability. It also has two secondary pockets on the back and front of the bag. Finally, the bottom pocket creates easy access to stash your phone or sunglasses, while the zipper can be hidden, given it a smooth look.

Multi-Purpose Crossbody Bag with four compartments

Lightly Padded, Perfect for Everyday Use

As with the last Multi-Purpose (of which there are still a few Small available for purchase), the new Multi-Purpose Crossbody still comes lightly padded, giving you a bit of extra protection with any of your items you carry with you on your every-day activities. As with most of our bags, the new unisex satchel comes with a smell proof polyester bag, removable and customizable patch label, and 4th Amendment Card. The latter of which explains the importance of when and if a person’s belongings can be searched. 

Multi-Purpose Crossbody Bag Lightly Padded

So what do you think about the new Multi-Purpose Crossbody bags? Do you LOVE the revamped look as much as we do? What static colors would you love to see combined with classic colors for future bags? We can’t get enough of that dual color combination and hope we debut more in the future. 👀 Comment below!


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  • I love your new bags. I’ve carried over the shoulder and arm bags forever it seems. However, I love a good crossbody and this is perfect. And as always having that smell proof feature makes this a no brainier for me.

    Ann Mccarty

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